Plating machine supplier introduction:

Gangmu machinery is a professional plating machine supplier of electroplating equipment manufacturing, with years resource of plating on-site technical control and equipment design experience, and keeping learning advanced design concept, coupled with the tireless efforts of our staff, then developed and produced various types of high quality and stable products, to ensure our customers with a hardware guarantee. We would like to communicate with our customers, that integrate of all our technology and intelligence according with your needs, to pursuit the best value for our customers. We guarantee that customers will continue to provide new value from our continuous development.

Plating machine philosophy:

Company uphold the quality of survival, innovation and development of business purposes, pay close attention to products quality and after-service, based on locally, while in the country gradually to the world.

Plating machine products:

cantilever rack plating production lines, vertical lifting ring hanging plating production lines, plating jigs, drying ovens, plating rectifier, industrial waste gas and waste water treatment equipment.

Plating machine processing is the main technology in whole production process. According to the requirements of treatment parts, targeted to choose one or several single metal or alloy metal to conduct electroplating process or dipping plating for workpieces, in order to achieve anti-corrosion, wear resistance and beautiful purpose. The plating treatment process equipment mainly include all kinds of fixing plating bath, barrel plating tank, rack, basket etc..

Some times customers often think that plating machine just a piece of equipment, give us product requirements, then as electroplating machine manufacturer we can provide them the machinery they need, then they will be able to plate qualified products after purchasing our device.But this idea is not comprehensive, because electro plating equipment is a system not simple just machine, it is closely related with customer adoption plating technical treat process, nature of products, electroplating engineers work habits, before and after the matching treatment processing methods.

For example: each plating type will develop a variety of main salt system and with its support of additive systems. Such as zinc plating machine has cyanide galvanized zinc, zinc salts zinc, zinc chloride (or potassium galvanizing. ), ammonium salts of zinc, sulfate zinc and other systems. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as cyanide zinc liquid dispersing ability and depth of ability, fine crystalline plating coating, combined with good bonding force with base material, good corrosion resistance, a wide range of treat technology, the bath solution stability and easy operation, not too sensitive to impurities etc., but seriously toxic, polluting to environment. Zinc chloride solution is free of complexing salt single bath chemical solution, easy waste water treatment, coating bright and leveling system better than other, current efficiency high, deposition speed fast, low hydrogen over potential, such as high carbon steel, castings, forgings easy to plate, but because of weak acid of chlorine ions have some corrosion to electroplating equipment. On the one hand will cause some corrosion to plating plant line, on the other hand no suitable to add an auxiliary anode hole or tubular parts.

Only customers combine with their own situation, we can provide you the most appropriate plating machine, then you can plating the desired effect you want.

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  1. Christopher Mcmillen
    Christopher Mcmillen says:


    My name is Christopher with Mcmillen Metals & Demolition bases in USA. My company buys & removes any old plating lines, anodizeing lines, waste treatment equipment no matter the condition or size. We service any we’re in USA or Canada.
    Do you anyone needed my services?

    Christopher Mcmillen

  2. Emad Hassan
    Emad Hassan says:

    I have Cesar lift working by traction battery 24 volt, 200 AH
    work for maintenance in indoor hall

    can we replace the traction battery by rectifier bridge output 24 volt DC ? to supply the DC motors of Cesar lift

    please advice

  3. Ali Abou Hamze
    Ali Abou Hamze says:

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I am looking into buy a electroplating machine. I would like some details about it if possible.

    Also can we quote non metal items with this machine?

    We are looking to make a small shop in the Middle East and would like to know more.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    WISDOM says:

    Dear Chen, may I no the price of TCP machine on printing. My company wants to upgrade and we need TCP machine in our printing industry. Give us ur price so we could make an order.

  5. Giovanni alexander
    Giovanni alexander says:

    Dear Mr chen,

    I would like to request quotation for rectifier 10,000amp which we will be using in zinc acid galvanizing!!! Kindly email me as soon as possible and how we can contact you if we will place the order?


    Dear Mr. Chen,
    Happy new year 2016! I am talking from Bangladesh. I want buy a rectifire which rating is…..
    1) Input Voltage-220VAC 1PH
    2) Frequency 50Hz
    3) Output Voltage -(0-15)VDC
    4) Output Current- 300A
    5) Application for Rectifier–Nickel Plting Bath.
    6)Production-300kg(At a time)
    What ever I understood, already mention.
    So I need price quotation for this rating.Also inform me what’s the process to received rectifire from Chaina to Bangladesh. Expect your nice co-operation.

    Best Regards!

    EMILIO says:

    We are a hard chrome company in Bolivia, have about 10 year in this job.
    Right now we´re planning a new hard chrome plant , because now our plant become small.
    We need Design Engineering , like CAD drawings,Throughput projections.
    Heating, cooling and rinsing calculations.
    Exhaust system and air pollution control calculations.
    Material specifications.
    Equipment sizing.

    What information do you need and can you quote us this work?

    Wait for your reply

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Dear ivekanand jodhan

      Thanks for your inquiry of our plating line.

      In order to provide you suitable proposal, we’d like to know more details:
      1, Plating material, to be plated material? Steel plating nickel or steel plating chrome or other?
      2, To be plated workpiece sizes, pictures?
      3, Capacity requirements: Daily capactiy, monthly capacity, how many day working in one month, how many hours working in per day?
      4, Does your factory have plating production experience?
      5, Pls provide treatment technological processes flow diagram.
      6, Do you want auto plant or manual plant?
      7, Pls tell us your exist workshop size, Width? Length? Height?

      Mr. Chen

      Skype: live:allensoar

  8. goodwin Banda
    goodwin Banda says:

    we are looking for a chroming machine that can chrome injector plungers for Diesel injector pumps to about 75% of origanal working condition.

    Please reply


  9. Christopher MCMILLEN
    Christopher MCMILLEN says:

    I am looking to buy & remove any big old plating lines, no matter the condition. Must have rectifiers,anodes,tanks. I buy used Waste treatment systems as well.
    Chris (USA)

  10. Mr. Gualberto
    Mr. Gualberto says:

    Good morning Sir, I want to know if you can provide us plating equipment for jewelry manufacturing.For gold plating, silver plating and nickel plating. Are we allowed to visit you in your plant in China. I am a pilipino engaged in jewelry manufacture.My company is starting to do the business.
    Thank you for any reply
    Mr. Perpuse

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Dear Mr. Gualberto
      We need to know more information about your requirements as we already sent you mail of details, pls check it.
      Please come to visit our company when you come China, we will pick you up.

  11. Igor Solovyov
    Igor Solovyov says:

    Dear Sirs,

    We are the joint Machine Building Corporation.
    The main sphere of our activity is supply of Injection Molding Machines as well as auxilliary equipment from China.
    However at the moment we are looking for the chrome plating production line.
    We are planning to chrome plate radiator enclosures and autumobile door handles

    Diameter of radiator enclosures is 600 mm х 300 mm.

    Required quantitu to be chrome plated simultaneously 10 for radiator enclosures
    100 for automobile door handles

    Please, let me know if you can give me a quotation of such kind production chrome plating line?

    Your prompt reply will be appreciated

    Best regards.

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