Waste water system

Waste water treatment system


Waste water treatment system needed in plating machine industry:

In electro plating processes, there will be waste water generated and discharged. Therefore, to protect environment, and to ensure the harmonious development of construction projects and environmental protection, need to set up Waste water treatment system.

Waste water treatment system Design principle:

A, Based on customers’ waste water quality parameters, and discharge standards which meet local standard to design waste water treatment system.
B, Strive to save investment, equipment structure reasonable, low energy consumption, convenient operation and management, low operating cost.
C, Using scientific processing technology, to make the whole system run automatically under the control of microcomputer.
D, Adapt to the changeable feature of water quality and quantity, which can withstand impact load, and has the flexibility on operation.
Design requirements:
The water is clear and clean, no smell.

Waste water treatment system main structure and main devices:(Can be different according to requirements).

Waste water treatment system main structure:
Reaction pool:
Inclined plate precipitation pool;
Rapid filter;
Waste water lifting pump ( anti corrosion self-priming pump);
Reaction pool air agitation system;
Dissolve, dosing device;
Instrument  (PH monitor);
Electrical and control design.


Around the waste water treatment facilities should also conduct greening work according to the needs, outside the structures exposed part to using the latex paint, for the purpose of the whole factory beautiful and uniform.

Environmental protection:

In order to prevent smell, piling of waste water must be cleared up;
In order to prevent the physical and mental health effects of noise environment, our design selection of low noise equipment, in order to meet the standards of environmental protection.


Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic electronics box, ultrasonic controllers, which is an important component of high-power ultrasound system.

The role of Ultrasonic generator is to convert electric supply to high-frequency AC signal matching the ultrasonic transducer, then drive ultrasonic transducer to work. Considering the conversion efficiency, high-power ultrasonic gerally adopts switching mode power supply circuit type. Ultrasonic power supply is divided into self-excitation, and external force excitation power, while self excitation power called ultrasonic analog power, external force excitation power called as ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator description:

Ultrasonic generator using the world’s leading external force excitation power oscillation circuit structure, representing the self excitation oscillation circuit structure, its the output power increased by 10%.
Ultrasonic amplifying circuit forms as linear amplifier and switching power supply circuit.
Advantages of switching model power supply circuit: high conversion efficiency, so high power ultrasonic power supply using this form.
Advantages of linear power supply circuit: no strict requirements for circuit matching, allows the operating frequency continuous rapid change.

Ultrasonic generator principle:

An ultrasonic generator to generate a specific frequency, this signal may be a sinusoidal signal, or can be a pulse signal, this particular frequency is the frequency of the transducer to work. Ultrasonic frequency devices are generally used 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz, 80KHz, but has not been widely used for 100KHz or uppon.

Ultrasonic generator feedback signals:

Impeccable ultrasonic generator have feedback node, which offers the following two aspects of the feedback signal.

Output power:

When connection voltage of ultrasonic generator changes, the output powr of generator also changes. Make the ultrasonic transducer mechanical vibration unstable, resulting in poor work results. Hence needs stable output power, through power feedback signal to adjust amplifier, so that make the power amplifier stable.

Frequency tracking:

Transducers operating at the highest efficiency when in the resonant frequency, the most stable work. While transducer resonant frequency will change due to assemblying or working aging. If frequency just drift, changed little, the frequency tracking signal can control signal generator, making the frequency of the signal generator within a certain range of the transducer resonant frequency, so that the generator work in the best condition.

Ultrasonic generator advantages:

Ultrasonic generator can monitor the system operating frequency, power.
According to different requirements of users, real-time adjustment of various parameters: such as power, amplitude, and running time.
Frequency tuning: adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is always working in the best conditions, for maximum efficiency, adjusting the range of 2%.
Automatic with frequency: Once your device is completed initial setup, generator can continuous operation without the need for adjustment.
Amplitude control: the transducer load changes during operation, can automatically adjust the driving characteristics, to ensure that the tool head to get stable amplitude.
System protection: when the system work under unfavorable operating environment, the generator will stop working and alarm display, to protect equipment from damage.
Amplitude adjustment: amplitude can instantly increase or decrease in the work process, the amplitude setting range: 0% to 100%.
Automatic search frequency: automatic determination the tool head working frequency and stored.

Constant current electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold

Constant current electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold:

In 1950 The United States Bureau of Mines, Zadra and other developed carbon-in-pulp process, which is put granular activated carbon directly into mixed slurry ore powder and cyanide pulp, to gernerate cyanide gold adsorb by activated carbon, through multiple reverse adsorption, concentration enrichment, then followed by desorption, to get gold, in this process, granular activated carbon can be repeated application of regeneration. 1973 US Homestake Mining Company built its first production CIP plant in extract gold. Then, South Africa has built a number of similar mines plant.

Gold electrochemical reactivation apparatus
Rectifier-Granular activated carbon electrochemical reactivation apparatus:

Rectifier is a apparatus to provide a consists of power supply of electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold from granular activated carbon. The electrical power was supplied by a potentiostatic controller and an accessory power supply. This unit was used as a transformer–rectifier to provide constant current.