Electrolytic power supply

Our company specializes in design and manufacture and sale of silicon controlled rectifier, high-frequency switching pulse power, high-power switching power supply, oxidation power supply, electrolysis power supply, electrophoresis rectifier, coloring power supply, electroplating rectifiers, experimental power supply.

High frequency electrolytic power supply description:

1, Can configure a single main cabinet or double main cabinet plus control cabinet structure according to user requirements.
2, When DC output current≥10 KA, adopt full circuit electrically coupled in parallel with the reverse-phase rectifier circuits, drastically reducing the eddy current losses and improve the efficiency of electrolytic power supply.
3, Control mode can be divided into: open loop (manual) and closed loop (automatic) two kinds according to production process requirements, and mutual conversion, DC current output phase number according to harmonic currents standard can be divided into 6,12 24,36 and 48 phase pulse rectifier, eliminating power rectifier 3,5,7 current harmonic pollution on the grid.
4. This series electrolytic power supply with over-current, over voltage, short circuit, under branches, under phase, high water temperature, water pressure, oil temperature and high/low, higher oil pressure protection, fully integrated control loop.
5, Major control board using high anti-interference high-power digital circuit triggers system, has a strong anti-jamming capability. And having advantages of high accuracy control, good stability, reliable operation.
6, Cabinet adopts cutting magnetic link, reducing the eddy current loss, the cabinet with a whole spray plastics.
7, Control methods: integrated analog control and computer control two categories.

High frequency electrolytic power supply application:

Mainly for non-ferrous metal electrolysis: aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese and manganese dioxide; gold, silver and other metal smelting; NdFeB rare earth smelting; carbide, diamond smelting; salt water, potassium electrolysis made caustic soda, potash, sodium system; fire electric heating material, as well as other types of high-power DC power supply.

High frequency electrolytic power supply specifications:

Electrolytic power supply output Current: 0-50000A;
Electrolytic power supply output voltage: 0-500V.

Electrolysis power supply

Plating machine ship to Bolivia

Our plating machine ship to Bolivia, this is a automatic zinc plating line with PLC control and Crane system.

Electroplating machine delivery to Bolivia

Electroplating machine delivery to Bolivia

Plating machine ship to Bolivia

Plating machine ship to Bolivia

Rectifier to Thailand


Rectifier to Thailand:

Rectifier details as following:
Rectifier Input voltage: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz;
Output voltage: 0-15V adjustable from 0 to rated voltage;
Output current: 0-300A adjustable from 0 to rated current;
Application: electroplating.

Rectifiers dimensions: 620*510*300mm.
Rectifier to Thailand

Rectifier delivery to Tanzania


Our Rectifier delivery to Tanzania
Details as follow:
Input voltage: Single phase, 240V, 50Hz;
Output current: 0-100A adjustable;
Output voltage: 0-12V adjustable;
Application: Electroplating of gold from granular activated carbon.

Rectifier delivery to Tanzania 100A