ABS plastic chrome plating machine

ABS plastic chrome plating machine technical processes:

ABS chrome plating machine

ABS plastic chrome plating machine Pre-treatment:

Degreasing→(Acid deoiling) hydrophilic→Coarsening →Neutralization→(10% hydrochloric acid)presoak→Palladium→
Activation (dispergation)→(Reduction nickel) Chemical nickel

ABS plastic chrome plating machine After treatment:

(5% hydrochloric acid) Activation→(Pre- copper plating) pyrophosphate copper→(5% sulfuric acid) Activation→
Acid copper→Half brightness nickel→Brightness nickel→Nickel seal→Presoak→Chrome plating→Baking

ABS Plastic plating chrome machine cautions before plating:

1, (Alkaline) degreasing:

Main component constituted by alkali metal compound, such as: sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate,
potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate etc. Its role is to remove grease or release agent on ABS.

2, (Acid deoiling) hydrophilic:

left;”>The main components are sulfuric acid and hydrophilic agent.The function of sulfuric acid is
neutralization and degreasing; hydrophilic agent is used to provide ABS surface adsorption of hydrophilic
groups, which is beneficial to Coarsening step later.

3, Coarsening:

The major components as chromic acid and sulfuric acid, wetting agents and anti-fogging agents are auxiliary agents. Chromic acid and sulfuric acid which is to get rid of B component from ABS surface to form many tiny pits in favor of Palladium and nickel plating process later; Coarsening effect will direct impact whether can plating layer and binding force between plating coating layer and ABS material body. Wetting agents action is for more effective erosion to ABS material surface, then improve degree ofroughening; antifogging agent role is to prevent the generation of chrome fog, and the environmental impact of the leak-plated of black spots.

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  1. Guillermo Marrufo
    Guillermo Marrufo says:

    We are interested in a plastic plating automatic line.
    Tank capacity: 1,500 L
    Tank dimensions: 1.5m Wide x 1.0m Long x 1.2m Deep (1.0m Level)
    Number of tanks: Approximate 40 (10 process, 30 counter flow rinses)
    Tank construction: Koroseal for etching, Polypropylene for other process and rinses
    Auxiliary equipment: Complete with pumps, pipes, valves, bus bars and fume scrubbers
    Material to plate: ABS and other
    Type of plating: Copper, Nickel combination and chrome

    I will appreciate your attention and comments


    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Dear Guillermo

      Thanks for your comment of our plating machine.

      Here are some questions:
      1, Pls provide process flow diagram if it is available for you. Need to know how many nickel tanks and chrome.
      2, Pls provide each process treatment time, because you want automatic machine, and we need this to calculate how many crane need and PLC node.

      Looking forward your further information.

      Best regards!

      Mr. Chen
      Add: Zhejiang province, China.
      Mobile: +86 139 8931 0058
      Skype: live:allensoar
      Web: https://www.platingmachines.com

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