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Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine

Companies specializing in supply stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic washing machine for stainless steel bottle. It is widely used in auto parts and other industries. We won praise users. Our stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine with great performance, competitive prices, using international advanced this multi-transducer, high- quality generator, with safe, […]

Fully automatic dry clean line

Fully automatic dry clean line application area: Fully automatic dry clean line suitable for large quantities of parts, continuous cleaning operation, can be used for degreasing, anti rust, polishing paste cleaning of metal stamping parts, compressor parts, stainless steel parts, large plates and shells and other parts. Fully automatic dry clean line features: ● Using […]

Auto ultrasonic cleaner

Auto ultrasonic cleaner application area: Auto ultrasonic cleaner mostly used in aluminum die casting parts. For cleaning of production process to producing oil, wax grease, debris in metal molds, auto parts, medical equipment, aircraft engines, audio heads, precision plating workpieces, vacuum plating parts, motor parts, bearings, stamping parts, spectacle frames, stainless steel cutlery, compressors, watches […]

Optical cleaning machine

Ultrasonic optical cleaning machine mainly used: between before and after the coating and assembly process of glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products cleaning; in the optoelectronic industry is mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, after sealing of liquid crystal chip residual cleaning. […]

Ultrasonic plate

If you don’t have specific requirements, we can customize-made ultrasonic plate according to your request (non-standard ultrasonic machine). Non-standard custom-made single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can follow the actual needs of users based on slot size, material, power, frequency to supply ultrasonic cleaning machine in different configurations. Ultrasonic plate features: 1, A thickening tank of […]