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Rectifier in South Africa

Our company 1000A rectifier power supply working well in South Africa customer’s plating machine workshop. Specification: Input voltage: 3 Phase, 50Hz, 380V Output current: 0-1000A adjustable Output voltage: 0-12V. The plating power supply working well, South Africa customer is satisfied with our rectifier, and says will purchase more and more.


Electroplating rectifier

Electroplating rectifier greenization: Electroplating rectifier system greenization have profound meaning: The first is significant energy-saving, which means save power generation capacity, while power generation is an important cause of environmental pollution, so power saving can reduce environmental pollution; and secondly these power can not (or less) generates pollution to power grid, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed […]


IGBT rectifier

Briefly of IGBT rectifier:

Through comprehensive analysis of the equivalent circuit to simplify explain cumbersome IGBT working principle and the role, and noted IGBT characteristics. It can be said, IGBT is a switching device either on or off, it combine both advantages of of MOSFET’s high input impedance and GTR’s low conduction voltage drop.

Electrophoresis power source

Electrophoresis power source selection: Electrophoresis power source is a key equipment for electrophoresis coating machinery, so appropriate selection of electrophoresis power source capacity, can significantly improve the cost efficiency ratio of electrophoretic coating equipment. So in the design of electrophoretic coating machine, electrophoresis power source choice is particularly important. Here is a brief description of electrophoresis power […]


12v dc power supply

12v dc power supply Category: 12v dc power supply switching power supply circuit structure of variety configuration: (1) By driving points, there are self-excited and separately-excited type. (2) According to the working mode DC/DC converter points: ① Single-end excitation and reverse, push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge, etc; ② Reduce voltage, increase voltage and reduce/increase voltage type. (3) […]

Electrolytic power supply

Our company specializes in design and manufacture and sale of silicon controlled rectifier, high-frequency switching pulse power, high-power switching power supply, oxidation power supply, electrolysis power supply, electrophoresis rectifier, coloring power supply, electroplating rectifiers, experimental power supply. High frequency electrolytic power supply description: 1, Can configure a single main cabinet or double main cabinet plus […]


Rectifier to Thailand

Rectifier to Thailand: Rectifier details as following: Rectifier Input voltage: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz; Output voltage: 0-15V adjustable from 0 to rated voltage; Output current: 0-300A adjustable from 0 to rated current; Application: electroplating. Rectifiers dimensions: 620*510*300mm.