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Car decoration plastic electro plating

Nowadays many car appearance adopt decorative electroplating technology, by this not only could add automotive fashion sense, but also can make the whole car full of advanced feeling. However, due to the plating parts on car are usually exposed to outdoor, as well as to experience a variety of environments testing, so car exterior plating […]

Battery steel shell electro plating

1, Pre- treatment process of Battery steel shell electro plating: Degreasing (chemical method) → Degreasing ( chemical method) → Hot water rinse → Cold water rinse → Unloading → Loading → Hot water rinse → Cold water rinse → Pure water rinse → Derusting → Flowing pure water rinse → Pure water rinse → Deep […]

Plating relevant functions

Plating relevant functions–make use of electrolysis to deposit of good adhesion of the article , but the performance of different materials and the base metal cladding techniques . Than the hot-dip plating layer having a uniform , generally thin, ranging from a few microns to tens of microns . By electroplating , you can get […]

Electroplating fundamental concept

Fundamental concept: When under plating, coating layer or other insoluble material called as anode, workpiece to be plated called as cathode, the plating layer metal’s anode to be restored to form electroplating layer on workpiece. To exclude the interference of other anode, and to make sure coating layer uniformity, strong, should use plating solution which […]


Electroplating: Electroplating is to make usage of electrolytic principle to plate a thin layer of metal or alloy on some kinds of metals’ surface, which is a technology by means of electrolytic action to adhese metal file on metals or other material surface, in order to prevent metal oxides (eg rust), improve abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity […]