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Electroplating machine important maintenance

The plating machine has two states, which are fully automatic production line and manual one. When the automatic state failure, will use the manual control, after the trouble removing, then resume automatic operation, that means will not because of a single failure to affect the whole production line, resulting in shut down. Production line in […]

Plating equipment automation control system

1, Plating equipment automation control system With the electroplating machinery in plating production line, power device, heat exchange systems and other auxiliary facilities becoming better and approaching perfection day by day, the automation of automatic line will further towards to intelligent direction. 1.1 Temperature control features of Plating equipment automation control system (1) When in the […]

Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery

Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery series automatic production line is applied to hardware metal parts barrel plating producing. Readily for transforming process and plating time. The main machine, uses imported motors with brake. Therefore, has advantages of smooth running, reliable brakes, less shaking, coupled with PLC program control. Has feature of high degree of automation. […]