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If hardware lock can promote vacuum ion coating equipment industry

If hardware lock can promote vacuum ion coating equipment industry:

At present, with the real estate, automobile industry development, and improvement of life level and increasing of home furnishing decoration, there will be more and more quantity demand on lock industry, which will greatly promote the market consumption upgrade, as well as encourage this locker industry make a development by leaps and bounds. So door furniture both in terms of technology, or grade, have improved a lot.The best performance appears as double tongue safety lock, electronic password lock, spherical encryption card lock of excellent quality, high technology content of the intelligent lock come into the market.Domestic and foreign locker products and technologies change rapidly, while lock the super gold market is gradually emit dazzling golden light.Although the high-end locks products has become a mainstream market consumption trends, but if for further improvement, strive many aspects are needed.In production process, shall endeavor in the issue of surface treatment and processing technology (such as by using of vacuum ion plating equipment to electroplate decorative film or functional film), then improving product durability and decorative, meanwhile to develop and apply the latest technology, materials, for energy saving, pollution reduction.In marketing, increase efforts to adjust product structure, choosing the cut in point, lock the high-tech, high added value as a focus of research and development, the implementation of brand strategy, to further enhance brand awareness, pay close attention to quality management, conduct strict quality standard.


Gold electroplating technology process

Gold electroplating technology process is widely used in various fields of national production, only by means of carefully operations to obtain effectively energy saving, protect the environment.A brief introduction of basic knowledge about the plating technology will be provided as following.Plating process category: Acid bright copper, Plating, Nickel/Gold electroless, Tin electroplating, Gold electroplating technology process… Gold electroplating […]

Car decoration plastic electro plating

IGBT rectifier

Briefly of IGBT rectifier: Through comprehensive analysis of the equivalent circuit to simplify explain cumbersome IGBT working principle and the role, and noted IGBT characteristics. It can be said, IGBT is a switching device either on or off, it combine both advantages of of MOSFET’s high input impedance and GTR’s low conduction voltage drop. IGBT […]

Plating equipment automation control system

1, Plating equipment automation control system

With the electroplating machinery in plating production line, power device, heat exchange systems and other auxiliary facilities becoming better and approaching perfection day by day, the automation of automatic line will further towards to intelligent direction.

1.1 Temperature control features of Plating equipment automation control system

(1) When in the electroplating process, the process temperature control is very important, if the temperature fluctuation is too large, not only causing electrical energy waste, but also will have great impact to product quality. Using PID fuzzy control, will effectively reduce or even avoid these problems. In engineering practice, the most widely used regulator control law is a proportional, integral, differential calculus, referred to as PID control, also known as PID regulator. PID controller is based on the systematic errors,which make the use of proportional, integral and differential calculus to calculate the amount of control, its simple structure, good stability, reliable, easy to adjust and become one of the main technology of industrial control.(2) Heating system matching liquid level control device, automatic water replenishment device, when the liquid level is below the set level, the system will conduct automatic level complement, then will protect the system reasonable, and to prevent heating pipe dry burning; meanwhile, each electric heating system equipped with a reliable ground protection measures to avoid accidents.(3) Human machine interface set the pre-heating function, which set pre-heating time, if for the process which require higher temperature, will achieve the pre-heating system management, then greatly enhance the production efficiency of equipment.

Electroplating rectifier

Electroplating rectifier greenization:

Electroplating rectifier system greenization have profound meaning: The first is significant energy-saving, which means save power generation capacity, while power generation is an important cause of environmental pollution, so power saving can reduce environmental pollution; and secondly these power can not (or less) generates pollution to power grid, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed a series of standards such as IEC555, IEC917, IECl000. In fact, many power electronic energy-saving equipment, often turn into sources of pollution on the grid: inject to grid of serious harmonic current, make the total power factor drops, so many glitches coupling grid voltage spikes and peaks, even chipping and distortion. In end of 20th century, a variety of active filter and active compensator was born, with a variety of power factor correction method. Laid the foundation for mass production of a variety of green switching power supply in 21 century.

Modern power electronics technology is the basis for development of electroplating rectifier:

Modern power electronics is the basis for development of electroplating rectifier technology. With the continuous emergence of new power electronic devices and adapted to more higher switching frequency circuit topology, modern power supply technology driven by real needs will be rapid developped. In traditional application technique, due to the performance limits of power leaving, switching power supply device performance is affected. Greatly put to good use of characteristics of various power devices, minimize device performance impact on switching mode rectifier, new power circuit topology and new control technology enables power switching at zero voltage or zero current state, which can greatly increase the operating frequency, improve work efficiency of switching mode power supply, then design excellent performance switch mode power supply.

More electroplating rectifier waiting to be developed:

In short, power electronics and switching electroplating rectifier technology continues to move forward due to application requirements, the emergence of new technologies will make many applications replacement products, but also to open up more and new applications. High frequency rectifier switching power supply, modular, digital, greenization etc., will mark these technologies as mature, to realize high efficiency and high-quality electricity application combined. In recent years, with the development of the communications industry, switch power technology as the core of communications switching power supply, only the domestic market demand of more than 20 billion yuan, has attracted a large number of scientific and technical personnel to develop research. Switching power supply instead of linear power and phase control power supply is the trend and will soon be developed. There are many other in switching power supply technology as the core of a dedicated power supply, industrial power are waiting for people to develop.

Electroplating equipment for sale

Electroplating equipment for sale: Electroplating workshop production process can be carried out in three areas, normally as: Pre-plating surface treatment, Electro plating treatment and After electro plating treatment. Electroplating technical processes equipment generally refers to the machinery directly processing above plating parts. Pre electroplating equipment for sale: The main treatment processes of pre-plating surface treatment […]