Shows all kinds of rectifier knowledge in rectifier industry, of course, the mostly usage is in plating machine area.

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply


In the plating industry application, normally, there are two types of rectifier, which is:

1, Silicon controlled rectifier.
2, High frequency power supply.
While, what is the different between for the 2, sometimes it will cause us confused to choose them.
Here we use a table sheet to find out what exactly difference for them.

For easy to distinguish, we choose same power: 1000A 12V type rectifier. From this, I think you will know which one is what you want.

Comparison dataSCR RectifierHF power supply
TransformerLarge volume, heavy weight, 95kgSmall volume, light weight, 1kg
Control componentsSCRIGBT
Control methodPhase-shifted triggerPWM modulation
Working frequency50Hz20KHz
Ripple ratio<5%<2%
Voltage stabilization<5%<1%
Cooling methodOil/Air coolingAir cooling
Energy savingBadEasily save power 20-40%
Interference of power gridsBig, not easy to eliminateSmall, easy to eliminate
VolumeLarge volume: 900*1010*550mmSmall volume: 520*450*220

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

Electroplating rectifier application in hard chrome plating

Electroplating rectifier application in hard chrome plating

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Electroplating rectifier application in hard chrome plating

Hard chrome plating high frequency electroplating rectifier absorb new technology, adopting international standards do 15KHz frequency pulse as signal source, and high-power IGBT soft-switching resonant converter technology, which are both in the international and domestic leading technology and unique applications constant current technology, constant current control accuracy up to 1 ‰, industry-leading, high-frequency, high-power, pulse width (big working rate) output, the cost performance is much better than similar products. Electroplating rectifier application in hard chrome metal plating case, and can be set two, three level strick hard chrome work method, so the chromium layer uniformity, strong adhesion, and can increase the thickness, showing additional advantage of energy-saving (90% efficiency), save time (takes only two-thirds of original electroplating rectifier, or even shorter), material-saving (raw material can save 30%), high efficiency (each working section can increase capacity of more than one-third).

Three phase electroplating rectifier features:

1. Electroplating rectifier machine adopts antiseptic treatment, sealed control components, each adapter sealed plastics, in order to protect them air corrosion from acid, alkali and salt, to ensure long-term stability working in corrosive environments.
2. Leading international technology, to achieve real high current, high frequency, high working rate pulse output.
3. PVC shell or spray metal shell, beautiful, will not corrode, straight cooling structure, installation and maintenance is very easy.
4. High efficiency (≥90%), a significant electricity saving (saving more than 30%) (6V1500A electroplating rectifier compare with silicon rectifier and SCR, can save electric charge more than $1600/year).
5. Variety control of constant voltage, constant current, steady current, constant power, etc.
6. Current, voltage, working time, frequency meter (optional), return meter (optional) and other all use high precision digital display, with sound and light alarm.
7. Soft start and stop function, with over current, over voltage, less voltage, over temperature, phase loss, less water, and short circuit protection function, high reliability.
8. Before delivery, our electroplating rectifier through rigorous testing and long time aging test, can be at full load day and night, uninterrupted running under high current, the failure rate is very low.
9. Adopting our electroplating rectifier, the plating layer can be more uniform, dense, good finish, enhanced the plated workpieces wear resistance.
10. Short working time, high efficiency, saving raw materials, reduce cost, will help you increase output efficiency multiplied.
11. Small size, light weight, easy delivery.

Phase electroplating rectifier main parameters:

1, Input voltage:220V/380V/440V
2, Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
3, Efficiency:≥90%
4, Output voltage:0-15V continuously adjustable
5, Output current: 0-3000A continuously adjustable
6, Steady current accuracy:≤1 ‰
7, Steady voltage accuracy:≤1 ‰
8, Ripple wave:≤100mV
9, Insulation resistance:≥10MΩ
Oxidation pulse power supply

Oxidation pulse power supply

Oxidation pulse power supply:

If in oxidation treatment processes, you have high requirements: which is including film thickness, hardness, acid corrosion and film breakdown voltage requirements of high production requirements, please choose this special oxidation pulse power supply.

This is real oxidation pulse power supply, from the customers testing come to the conclusion: compare with general type rectifiers, our oxidation pulse power supply can we improve the quality of oxide film about 3 times, with features of output pulse, DC superimposed, pulse pole switching, DC and so on.

Oxidation pulse power supply

Constant current electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold

Constant current electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold:

In 1950 The United States Bureau of Mines, Zadra and other developed carbon-in-pulp process, which is put granular activated carbon directly into mixed slurry ore powder and cyanide pulp, to gernerate cyanide gold adsorb by activated carbon, through multiple reverse adsorption, concentration enrichment, then followed by desorption, to get gold, in this process, granular activated carbon can be repeated application of regeneration. 1973 US Homestake Mining Company built its first production CIP plant in extract gold. Then, South Africa has built a number of similar mines plant.

Gold electrochemical reactivation apparatus
Rectifier-Granular activated carbon electrochemical reactivation apparatus:

Rectifier is a apparatus to provide a consists of power supply of electrochemical reactivation in electroplating of gold from granular activated carbon. The electrical power was supplied by a potentiostatic controller and an accessory power supply. This unit was used as a transformer–rectifier to provide constant current.

Anodizing DC rectifier

Anodizing rectifier

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifier used in anodic oxidation of aluminum, this technical process is actually a process by mean of electrolytic aluminum surface to make aluminum profile or aluminum alloy profile forming alumina oxidization film. Our rectifiers also have imitation gold electroplating power supply, pulse electroplating rectifiers, high-frequency electro plating power supply, DC voltage stabilization power supply, battery charging power supply, DC motor test power supply, experimental measurement power supply, pulse superposition hard oxidation DC rectifier, special usage silicon AC to DC rectifier, electric furnace heating power supply, high power (electrolysis, oxidation) power supply and some matched power supply equipment etc..

Anodizing DC rectifier

Anodizing DC rectifier

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifier usage:

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifiers applied to aluminum profile (aluminum and aluminum alloy and so on) anodic oxidation treatment.

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifier features:

Has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high control precision, etc..;
Pulse width modulation power introduced international advanced technology, using IGBT power module of the international brand;
Complete protection function, has voltage stabilization & current stabilization working mode, and filtration, over-voltage, overheating, short circuit, phase missing protection functions and soft start.
The power supply adopts special design control system, internal structure of anti acid, anti alkali design, which greatly increase the service life of the product.

We can provide:

a. Digital timing system;
b. Ampere hour meter;
c. Standard interface;
d. Control signal interface.

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifier technical parameters:

Input voltage: three-phase four wire 380V, 415V, 50-60Hz;
DC output current: 100A-30000A can be optional;
Output DC voltage: 3V-1000V arbitrary choice;
Voltage stabilization accuracy: less than or equal to 1%;
Current stabilizing precision: less than or equal to 1%;
The output ripple current: 1%-2%;
Cooling method: forced air cooling or water cooling;
The cooling water quality: ordinary tap water, deionized water (recommended); PH value: 7-8, Water pressure: 0.1-0.25MP, Temperature: 3 degrees -33 degrees;
Load operation: full load run for 24 hours, more than 1000 meters above sea level, reducing the use of capacity;
Working environment: the environment temperature is 10 degrees below zero to 40 degrees; at room temperature (15-25 degrees) of air relative humidity should be less than 90%.

If need better hardness and quality, pulse power supply is good for your choice.

The packing of rectifier and services:

This section aluminum oxidation power supply using standard packaging (for details, please refer to our products packaging instructions).