Listed power supply output current from 100A-30000A each type details description, the mostly output voltage is 0-12V.

Electrodialysis power supply

Electrodialysis power supply introduction

Water treatment electrodialysis is becoming more and more popular. According to the latest electronic research results, combined with advanced control methods, our company designed special electrodialysis power supply. This electrodialysis rectifier uses advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, and the use of high-quality IGBT modules and MOSFET as power switching devices.

Our production process is strictly perfect. Electrodialysis rectifier has advantages with small size, light weight, full-featured, stable and reliable performance. Adoption of advanced DSP control system, with automatic self-current stable/self-voltage stable function, will not change follow with voltage, which is high reliability.Also equipped with PLC interface and RS485 interface expansion function, to facilitate the realization of automation control.

Electrodialysis power supply working principle:

Electrodialysis power supply mainly composed of rectifier filter circuit, full bridge conversion circuit, high frequency transformer, high frequency rectifier, filter circuit, auxiliary power supply circuit and main control unit circuit. Main control unit circuit is mainly composed of phase failure protection circuit, temperature protection circuit , overload protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit and PWM circuit with PI adjustment.

Three-phase grid voltage after electrodialysis power supply switch, then rectifier filter, to get 520VDC smooth DC voltage supply to the inverter circuit. Inverter circuit is mainly composed of high-power field-effect MOSFET module (or IGBT module) to form a full-bridge converter circuit. When the PWM output control signal through the isolation drive the power module respectively, two sets of diagonal tube alternately turn on, in the high-frequency transformer primary high-frequency pulse voltage, the secondary voltage from the high-frequency transformer transformer rectifier to provide energy to the load.


Input voltageSingle phase 220V AC, 3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz
Output voltageRated current 0-600V
Output currentRated current 0-400A
Output powerCustom design based on requirements
Output pole switchingModule pole switching
Control accurancy1%
Control methodConstant voltage/Constant current

Water cooling plating rectifier

Water cooling plating rectifier.

Input voltage: 3 phase 380V.

Output current: 0-10000A adjustable.

Output voltage: 0-12V adjustable.

We believe good quality will get good marmet, use high quality material and solid material.

Water cooling plating rectifier

Water cooling plating rectifier

Water cooled electroplating power supply

Water cooled electroplating power supply


Bus bar preheat rectifier


Russia customer use this rectifier for preheating their bus bar in polymer concrete area.

The purpose of this device is to preheat long runs of bus duct in winter time. The device is straight forward, fool proof, and very ridged. It will operated in harsh conditions in Russian winters outside at -30°C, rain, ice and snow can be present. So, all the compents can stand harsh environment, even under the temperature of -30°C.

Input voltage is 3*400V+N+Earth. The device connected by means of an appropriate fixed CEE male plug , mounted on the top plate in order to prevent damage during transport.

Bus bar

Bus bar preheat rectifier

Bus bar preheat rectifier

Silicon control rectifier

Silicon control rectifier

silicon control rectifier is the rectifier device which convert alternating current into direct current, it can be used for power supply unit and detecting radio signals. Silicon control rectifier can be made by vacuum tube, igniting tube, solid state silicon semiconductor diode, mercury arc and others. In contrast, a set of machine make direct current into AC power, is called as “inverter.”

Silicon control rectifier description:

1, The main rectifier circuit according to the connection points:
A. Dual band star balancing reactor;
B. Reverse-phase or three-phase bridge in parallel with dual star balancing reactor;
C. In phase anti-parallel three-phase bridge type;
D. Six-phase dual anti-star circuit;
E. Twelve-phase dual band star balancing reactor, power components using high-power thyristors.

2, Rectifier transformers use high permeability 0.27mm or 0.35mm, undirected cold-rolled silicon steel, designed as five-leg three-phase input, the initial stage with low resistivity and oxygen-free copper wire wound; main transformer using two vacuum impregnation and drying, its security and stability factor has been effective protected.

3, Cooling method is divided into self outdoor cooled, air cooling, water-cooling, oil water cooling and other process can be choosen based on customers’ requirements.

4, With working status of cycle reversing, positive and reverse three options, the positive and negative switching time, voltage, current can be arbitrarily set, can automatically change the polarity of the output current, help to increase the plating coating film hardness, density and brightness.

5, The three-phase integrated trigger control panel using advanced technology, with multiple protection measures, is all new and efficient anti-jamming red trigger circuit, its performance is very advanced; trigger control circuit and regulator integrated, digitized, and using computer optimized design great board structure, high reliability and easy to detect debugging.

6, With automatic timer function, can achieve better control of the quality of the column coating thickness, hardness, wear resistance, etc., can add different functions depending on the user’s process requirements.

7, Silicon control rectifier with features of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, pressure decreases, the element temperature is too high, lack of equal protection aspects and functions of the respective fault alarm; can set up multiple sets of technology programs, such as current, voltage, pulse, time, ampere-hour meter, etc., and modify call carried out.

8, Remote control box can be realized and centralized control, according to user requirements using the PLC programmable controllers relay operation, protection of process automation.

9, Our scr rectifier product by computer cabinet standardized design, the overall box seal design, structure has taken anti-salt spray acidification measures taken by local plastic parts structure, both anti-corrosion and beautiful, at the same time substantially overcomes the large magnetic field eddy current heating impact, and equipment small consumption loss, high efficiency.

10, SCR power suuply with soft-start function to prevent transient current startup rectifier damage, and avoid burning the workpiece.

11, The maximum number of output ripple output ≤5%, ≤3%, ≤2%, ≤1%.

12, Silicon controlled rectifier can be loaded with the long-term, safe and reliable operation.

13, Thyristor rectifier output DC current: 100A-50000A

14, Silicon control power supply utput DC voltage: 0-12V, 8V, 24V-500V, etc., according to process requirements.

Water treatment power supply

Water treatment power supply:

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Water treatment power supply electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. The electrolysis of water basically is under external electric field to split water into H2 and O2. DC power supply electrolysis is a very powerful means to promote redox reactions, many other redox difficult to react, can be via DC power supply electrolysis to achieve.
For example: single fluoride can be anodized from molten fluorine in anode, molten lithium slat reduced to metal at the cathode.

Water treatment power supply

Water treatment power supply

Water treatment power supply features:

1, Our water treatment power supply can be a single main cabinet or dual main cabinet plus control cabinet structure according to user requirements.

2, When DC output current ≥10KA, with full circuit electrically coupled in parallel with reverse-phase rectifier circuit, significantly reducing the eddy current losses and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

3, Control mode can be divided into open loop (manual) and closed loop (automatic) two kinds according to production process requirements, and can be changed each other, with the number of DC current output according to the national standard harmonic currents can be divided into 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 phase pulse rectifier, eliminates power 3, 5, 7 rate rectifier harmonic pollution on the grid.

4, Water treatment power supply device with over-current, over voltage, short circuit, under branch, phase failure, high water temperature, low water pressure, oil temperature high/low, higher oil pressure protection, fully integrated control loop.

5, Main board adopts KDW-06 type high-power digital circuit trigger anti-jamming system, has a strong anti-interference ability. And having high precision control, good stability, reliable operation advantages.

6, Cabinet adopts magnetic cut links, reduce eddy current losses, and cabinet as a whole spray painting.

7, Control method can be integrated analog control and computer control two type.

Sea water desalination

Sea water desalination