Listed power supply output current from 100A-30000A each type details description, the mostly output voltage is 0-12V.

Linear power supply

Linear power supply 

Linear power supply profile:

Linear power supply first after AC transformer to reduce the voltage amplitude, and then after a rectifier circuit rectifiering, to obtain pulsed DC power supply, then after filtering to DC voltage with a small ripple factor. To achieve high-precision DC voltage,have to through stabilized voltage circuit for stabilization.

DC power supply Category:
DC power supply classified as: linear DC power supply and high-frequency switching power supply.

Linear power supply work principle:

Linear power supply main circuit working process: input power supply by a preliminary exchange of AC power for stabilization after via pre-regulator circuit, by main work transformer isolation rectifier into DC power, and then through the control circuit and intelligent single-chip microprocessor controller under the control of linear adjustment element fine adjustment,then get high precision output DC voltage source.

Linear power supply

Linear power supply

Our linear power supply advantages:

1, Power transformer and rectifiering: make AC 380V (415V, 440V, 220V) converted into direct current required.
2, The pre-regulator circuit: adopt relay elements or thyristors, make input AC or DC voltage preliminary pre-adjustment, thereby reducing the power consumption of the linear adjustment element, improve efficiency and ensure high precision output voltage source. and high stability.
3, Linear adjustment element: DC voltage after filtereing to fine-adjustment, then input voltage reaches the desired value and accuracy requirements.
4, Waveform filter circuit: maximum stop absorption on DC power supply pulse wave, interference, noise, to ensure the output voltage of the DC power supply with good results low ripple and low noise, low interference.
5, Microprocessor control system: single-chip microprocessor controller for various signals detected by comparing judgment, calculation, analysis, processing, and then send the corresponding control command to make the overall voltage DC power supply system is working properly and reliably ,coordination.
6, Auxiliary power supply and reference voltage source: reference voltage source provide high-precision DC power system for and power needed for electronic circuitry work.
7, Voltage sampling and voltage regulator: detecting DC stabilization power supply output value and adjust the output DC voltage power supply.
8, Compare amplifier circuit: compare output voltage value of the DC power supply and a reference voltage source to get error voltage signal, then amplifying feedback and control linear rectifier adjustment element to ensure the stable output voltage.
9, Current detection circuit: get DC power supply stabilization current value, as output current limiting protection or control information.
10, Liner power supply drive circuit: drive element is executable provided the power amplifier circuit.
11. Display: Display DC power supply output voltage value and output current value.

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

Electroplating power supply in ROMANIA

This is the electroplating power supply our Romania customer use, input voltage is 3 phase 380V, 50Hz.

Output voltage: 36V.

Output current: 600A.

Application: anodizing.

20000A High frequency rectifier

High frequency rectifier 20000A

High frequency rectifier

High frequency rectifier

High frequency rectifier development tendency:

Application in various power systems and power electronics, switching power supply high frequency rectifier technology are all at the core position. For large electrolytic plating power supply, conventional circuit is very large and heavy, if use high frequency rectifier switching mode power supply technology, which will be a significant decline in volume and weight, but also can greatly improve the power utilization efficiency, save materials and reduce costs. Electric vehicles and variable frequency drive, they are more indispensable switching mode high frequency rectifier power supply technology, electricity frequency changed by switching power supply, so can achieve nearly ideal load matching and drive control. High frequency rectifier switching power supply technology, also is all kinds of high-power switching power supply (inverter welding machine, communication power, high-frequency heating power, laser power supply, power supply operation, etc.) core technology.

High frequency rectifier frequency:

Theoretical analysis and practical experience shows that transformers, inductors and capacitors volume weight is inversely proportional to power supply frequency square root. So when we increase the frequency from 50Hz to 20kHz, increase 400 times, then the volume weight of electrical equipment is substantially reduced to 5 ~ 10% of frequency design. Whether inverter rectifier welder, or communication usage power supply switch mode rectifier, all show this basic principle. Similarly, the traditional “rectification industry” electroplating, electrolysis, electrical processing, charging, float charging, power closing with various DC power can also be transformed in accordance with this principle, a “class switching converter power supply”, the main material may save 90% or more, also saving electricity power at least 30% or more. Due to gradually increase the power electronic device operating frequency limit, prompting many of the original tube using conventional solid- frequency equipment, bring significant economic benefit in energy, water, economic saving materials, but also can reflect the value of this technical content.

High frequency rectifier specification and parameter:

High frequency rectifier Input voltage AC 3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz
Output voltage 6V/12V/15V/18V/24V/36V/48V optional or according to customers’ request
Output current 0-20000A (Random optional)
Voltage stability ≤1%
Current stability ≤1%
Ripple factor 1%-2%
Efficiency ≥90%
 Stabilization mode Current stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment range Voltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling system Air cooling/Water cooling/Oil cooling
Control method Manual/PLC
Display contents Voltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error, etc..
Protection method Input over voltage/Under voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature -20-50℃
Ambient temperature -30-65℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%
Working loading Full capacity operation, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, reduced load operation

High frequency rectifier  Packing details:

TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)

Rectifier to Thailand


Rectifier to Thailand:

Rectifier details as following:
Rectifier Input voltage: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz;
Output voltage: 0-15V adjustable from 0 to rated voltage;
Output current: 0-300A adjustable from 0 to rated current;
Application: electroplating.

Rectifiers dimensions: 620*510*300mm.
Rectifier to Thailand

Rectifier delivery to Tanzania


Our Rectifier delivery to Tanzania
Details as follow:
Input voltage: Single phase, 240V, 50Hz;
Output current: 0-100A adjustable;
Output voltage: 0-12V adjustable;
Application: Electroplating of gold from granular activated carbon.

Rectifier delivery to Tanzania 100A