Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine

Companies specializing in supply stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic washing machine for stainless steel bottle. It is widely used in auto parts and other industries. We won praise users.

Our stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine with great performance, competitive prices, using international advanced this multi-transducer, high- quality generator, with safe, reliable and economic characteristics, and improve after-sales service, won customers of all ages.

Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine features:

  • Ultrasonic frequency is low, which as low as 28KHZ, strong cleaning ability, large power, suitable for cleaning metal parts;
  • Good drying system;
  • Man-machine interface, simple and easy to operate;
  • PLC control, high degree of automation;
  • Using automatic mechanical arm hand shift, smooth running, reliable and accurate;
  • Use upper and lower throwing washing, more conducive to the rapid and uniform wafer cleaning;
  • Adopt high-precision filter step by step to ensure a clean wash;
  • Using instant hot water heater supply, combined with a slow pull water to achieve rapid dehydration;
  • Purifying hot air drying tunnel to ensure wafer drying;
  • The adoption of international advanced more transducer, strong shock and uniform;
  • Our unique generator using digital, full-featured, high degree of automation;
  • Tanks are use SUS316 stainless steel tank, corrosion-resistant, long life;
  • Into ultrasonic shock board, less reduction of ultrasonic energy, easy maintenance;
  • Extremely high pure water overflow, less waste water;
  • Servo motor, fast and smooth;
  • SUS304 stainless steel square pass;
  • Multi-frequency, clean thoroughly;
  • External mechanical hand, then will not contaminate the cleaning solution;
  • Using a dedicated wash basket, drain and good;
  • Has access of materials, loading and unloading is very convenient;
  • Omron digital temperature control, precise temperature control;
  • Brand-name appliances, control the accuracy, long life;
  • It looks simple and beautiful.

    Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine

Fully automatic dry clean line

Fully automatic dry clean line application area:

Fully automatic dry clean line suitable for large quantities of parts, continuous cleaning operation, can be used for degreasing, anti rust, polishing paste cleaning of metal stamping parts, compressor parts, stainless steel parts, large plates and shells and other parts.

Fully automatic dry clean line features:

● Using special suspension and rack conveyor, hanging to conveyor the workpiece.
● Set multi ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, dehydration, anti-rust, drying and other processes.
● Frequency stepless adjustable suspension chain speed to adapt to different needs of variety workpieces cleaning tact.
● Flexible setting of cleaning process according to layout of each site.
● Smooth wroking, high reliability and easy operation.
● According to customer demands for non-standard design, manufacture.

Fully automatic dry clean line equipment summary:
This device is the use of lotion ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinse water, rinse, and finally hot air drying, to remove the workpiece surface oil and other debris.

Fully automatic dry clean line

Fully automatic dry clean line

Cleaning objects and processes:

1, Cleaning objects: Metal mould (aluminum);
2, Cleaning technical process: feeding material → lotion ultrasonic cleaning → water rinsing → ultrasonic rinse → hot air drying → unloading.
3, Cleaning tact: set a timing device, control range: 1-30 min/basket adjustable.

Fully automatic dry clean line control box:

A separate electronic control box, inside the metering device to the control unit and power supply unit configured to distinguish.
On the control panel only set desired switch, adjusting switch installed in the electrical control box.
There are control cabinet door, to prevent being changed by unauthorized persons.

Fully automatic dry clean line electrical installations:

Fuse: load capacity for protection of well-coordinated;
Wire: heat-resistant insulated wire, absolute prohibition of AC and DC lines use the same cable;
Uses the same manufacture with the same application.

Auto ultrasonic cleaner

Auto ultrasonic cleaner application area:

Auto ultrasonic cleaner mostly used in aluminum die casting parts. For cleaning of production process to producing oil, wax grease, debris in metal molds, auto parts, medical equipment, aircraft engines, audio heads, precision plating workpieces, vacuum plating parts, motor parts, bearings, stamping parts, spectacle frames, stainless steel cutlery, compressors, watches and clocks, parts, precision textile equipment, precision molds, gear, valves and other precision parts.

Auto ultrasonic cleaner

Auto ultrasonic cleaner

Auto ultrasonic cleaner advantages:

  • Manipulator arm delivery, continuous and reliable operation;
  • Man-machine interface, microcomputer control;
  • Completed by full automatic cleaning process, and the tempo is adjustable;
  • Automatic temperature control device, temperature range from room temperature to 100 ℃;
  • High-quality transducer, powerful ultrasound;
  • Set take off oil and oil-water separation equipment, improve cleanliness of parts;
  • Ultrasonic generator with the cylinder head using split structure using high-frequency connection;
  • Use environmentally friendly water-based cleaning fluid, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low production costs;
  • Set up hot air circulation system, fast drying and cleaning workpiece.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine classification:

1, According to the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine divided into: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning device, home ultrasonic cleaning and other.

2. Based on net capacity ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: large-scale auto ultrasonic cleaner , medium-sized ultrasonic cleaner, mini ultrasonic cleaner. Wherein the capacity from 4 ml to several hundred liters, which can be custom-made.

3. According to power ultrasonic cleaning machine divided into: high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, low-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, and no-heating ultrasonic cleaning machine and no heating. Wherein the heating power of the electric heating ultrasonic cleaning machine from tens of watts to several kilowatts range.

Auto ultrasonic cleaner features:

1, Our auto ultrasonic cleaner using high-quality high-performance ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer and unique ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank split or as one based on customers choice.), Cleaning power strong, stable performance.

2, All adopt top quality SUS304 grade stainless steel cleaning shell, stainless steel structure, anti acid and alkali, good looking.

3, Can be water-based solvents or environmentally friendly organic solution used for cleaning, environmentally friendly.

4, Working time of 0-60 minutes can be setting.

5, With automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range from room temperature to 100 ℃.

6, Ultrasonic power adjustable. You can use two different frequencies to clean different materials, structures, hole, slit workpiece.

7, Can continuous work long hours, safe and easy to operate design and manufacture according to customer requirements.

Optical cleaning machine

Ultrasonic optical cleaning machine mainly used: between before and after the coating and assembly process of glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products cleaning; in the optoelectronic industry is mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, after sealing of liquid crystal chip residual cleaning. Workpiece cleaning: projectors, rear projection televisions, digital cameras, car mirrors and other optical glass.

Optical cleaning machine application:
Used in projectors, rear projection televisions, digital cameras, optical glass, etc..

Optical cleaning machine features:

There is solvent degreasing apparatus in front of equipment, more appropriate bitumen degreasing treatment.
Ultrasonic of using effection up to 95% generator, power adjustable 10-100%.
Optical cleaning machine ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ, 68KHZ.
Set up an independent distillation recovery tank, effectively improve the service life of the solvent.
It provided with a filter circulation system.
Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure cleanliness.
Imported fire and explosion sensitive system, safe and reliable.
There has installed with waste gas exhaust system.

Optical cleaning machine electrical control box:

1, The control system set up control box, with function of PLC control system.

2, Control fluid and the heating anomalies emergency stop, and set the sound and light alarm.

3, Two side of device set up the emergency stop button and alarm devices.

4, Ultrasonic power and temperature parameters can be locked.

5, With separate electronic control box, circuit aspects of functional block, strong, weak block, easy to maintain.

6, Various cable adopt durable corrosion cable, waterproof pipe routing.

7, Stainless steel rod float level gauge or level switch.

Optical cleaning machine

Optical cleaning machine

Ultrasonic plate

If you don’t have specific requirements, we can customize-made ultrasonic plate according to your request (non-standard ultrasonic machine).
Non-standard custom-made single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can follow the actual needs of users based on slot size, material, power, frequency to supply ultrasonic cleaning machine in different configurations.

Ultrasonic plate

Ultrasonic plate

Ultrasonic plate features:

1, A thickening tank of stainless steel SUS304;
2, The ultrasonic plate power can be adjusted from 0-100%, frequency as 28Khz, 40Khz optionally for different cleaning requirements, completely solve the cleaning blind area;
3, Heating system from 30-110 ℃ adjustable;
4, Twenty-four hours of continuous work, to adapt high-volume cleaning;
5, Advanced second-generation generator, unique sweep function, the conversion efficiency can reach 97%;
6, High-volume production lines, high quality and consistency, cost control is good;
7, High level medical casters, standard SUS304 stainless steel wash basket;
8, Specially designed split ultrasonic generator, easy operation and display, adapt to wet and corrosive wroking environment;
9, Independent heating switch installed on the right position of machine, selectively open the heating switch, there is water proof plate upon on the heating switch;
10, Over high pressure safety transducer.

Ultrasonic plate applications industry:

1, Aviation: main clean fuel filters, engines, wheels, brake systems, bearings, heat exchangers, flow control devices, oxides of gyroscopes, satellites, aircraft hydraulic systems, dust, chips, rust, carbon, scale ect.;
2, Electronics: all kinds of PCB (printed circuit board) cleaning after soldering flux, impurities, cleaning electronic components manufacturing; rosin, spot welding; high pressure contacts, and other electronics parts etc.;
3, Microelectronics: wafer, semiconductor material cleaning;
4, Office and communications equipment: copiers and printers tubes, computer power supply, chassis, circuit boards, metal parts, etc;
5, Railway vehicles: locomotive engine, vehicle brake, bearing, bus exchanger, connecting rods, fasteners and other.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner type: integrated type, single tank ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaning temperature: from room temperature – 100 (℃).

Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner


1, By using high-quality, high-performance ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer and unique ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank can be chosen by customers with integrated type or split ultrasonic cleaner), with feature of strong cleaning power, stable cleaning performance.

2, All adopted with high quality SUS304 grade stainless steel cleaning shell, stainless steel structure, which is anti-acid and anti-alkali, with apperance looks nice.

3, Can be adopted as water-based solvents or environmentally friendly organic solution for cleaning, with advantage of environmentally friendly.

4, Working time could be set from 0-60 minutes arbitrarily by users’ own will.

5, With automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range from room temperature to 100 ℃.

6, Adjustable ultrasonic power. You can use two different frequencies to clean different materials, structures, hole, slit workpiece.

7, Working long hours continuous, safe and easy to operate, also the design and manufacture can be according to customer requirements.

8, The use of high-end ultrasound transducer and Swiss bonding technology, powerful ultrasonic output power. Patented ultrasonic control technology, digital or mechanical type, power, time, mode of operation can be adjusted.

Ultrasonic cleaner application: electronic components, medical equipment, electroplating industry, metal watches, machinery, tools, optical lenses, jewelry and other industries.

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic electronics box, ultrasonic controllers, which is an important component of high-power ultrasound system.

The role of Ultrasonic generator is to convert electric supply to high-frequency AC signal matching the ultrasonic transducer, then drive ultrasonic transducer to work. Considering the conversion efficiency, high-power ultrasonic gerally adopts switching mode power supply circuit type. Ultrasonic power supply is divided into self-excitation, and external force excitation power, while self excitation power called ultrasonic analog power, external force excitation power called as ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator description:

Ultrasonic generator using the world’s leading external force excitation power oscillation circuit structure, representing the self excitation oscillation circuit structure, its the output power increased by 10%.
Ultrasonic amplifying circuit forms as linear amplifier and switching power supply circuit.
Advantages of switching model power supply circuit: high conversion efficiency, so high power ultrasonic power supply using this form.
Advantages of linear power supply circuit: no strict requirements for circuit matching, allows the operating frequency continuous rapid change.

Ultrasonic generator principle:

An ultrasonic generator to generate a specific frequency, this signal may be a sinusoidal signal, or can be a pulse signal, this particular frequency is the frequency of the transducer to work. Ultrasonic frequency devices are generally used 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz, 80KHz, but has not been widely used for 100KHz or uppon.

Ultrasonic generator feedback signals:

Impeccable ultrasonic generator have feedback node, which offers the following two aspects of the feedback signal.

Output power:

When connection voltage of ultrasonic generator changes, the output powr of generator also changes. Make the ultrasonic transducer mechanical vibration unstable, resulting in poor work results. Hence needs stable output power, through power feedback signal to adjust amplifier, so that make the power amplifier stable.

Frequency tracking:

Transducers operating at the highest efficiency when in the resonant frequency, the most stable work. While transducer resonant frequency will change due to assemblying or working aging. If frequency just drift, changed little, the frequency tracking signal can control signal generator, making the frequency of the signal generator within a certain range of the transducer resonant frequency, so that the generator work in the best condition.

Ultrasonic generator advantages:

Ultrasonic generator can monitor the system operating frequency, power.
According to different requirements of users, real-time adjustment of various parameters: such as power, amplitude, and running time.
Frequency tuning: adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is always working in the best conditions, for maximum efficiency, adjusting the range of 2%.
Automatic with frequency: Once your device is completed initial setup, generator can continuous operation without the need for adjustment.
Amplitude control: the transducer load changes during operation, can automatically adjust the driving characteristics, to ensure that the tool head to get stable amplitude.
System protection: when the system work under unfavorable operating environment, the generator will stop working and alarm display, to protect equipment from damage.
Amplitude adjustment: amplitude can instantly increase or decrease in the work process, the amplitude setting range: 0% to 100%.
Automatic search frequency: automatic determination the tool head working frequency and stored.

Ultrasonic washing machine

Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine:

Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine is make the use of cavitation generated by ultrasonic in the liquid, it can wash off the plating workpiece surface oil, with the appropriate cleaning agent can quickly achieve high cleanliness on plating surface.

Temperature: adjustable =between 30 ℃ – 60 ℃.
Concentration: diluted with water between 3% to 10% of the proportion.
Time: between 0.2-5min with adjustment.

Plating technical process, it have high requirements for surface cleanliness, and ultrasonic cleaning technology is the ideal technology to achieve this requirement. The use of ultrasonic washing machine technology that can replace solvent to clean oil; can replace electrolytic degreasing; also can replace acid etching to remove rust and oxide skin on carbon steel and low alloy steel surface. Application of ultrasonic washing machine technology, can make many traditional cleaning process be simplified, and greatly improve the cleaning quality and efficiency. Especially has more superiority for those complex shape, high corners required plating workpiece. The adoption of ultrasonic cleaning technology, can replace in a wide range of acids, alkali and greatly reduce the pollution of the environment, and improve the working environment of workers and reduce labor intensity, to protect the ecological environment. Ultra-plating parts sonic cleaning machine is often called the plating parts cleaning machines, plating parts ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Device parameters requirements:

In accordance with plating parts oil & grease residues, cleanliness requirements, cleaning methods, drying methods, determine the cleaning temperature, concentration, time and other parameters experimentally.
Recommendations are as follows: Ultrasonic stations: 1-8 baths (for multiple rinsing, drying).

Ultrasonic washing machine device usage:

As per required cleanliness degree, determine a reasonable way of ultrasonic cleaning, technical process, safety procedures, quality control procedures, cleaner agent replacement cycle.
1. Ultrasonic cleaning:
a. Put determined cleaning agent into ultrasonic cleaning tank, and stir well.
b. Put to be cleaned plating parts in an ultrasonic special cleaning basket then into ultrasonic cleaning tank.
c. After 3-5 minutes of ultrasonic washing, then rinse, wash, rinse with pure water, or dried.
d. Follow-up plating technical process according set procedure.

2. Spray (ultrasonic) cleaning:
a. Make the determined cleaning agent concentration into spray (ultrasonic) washing machine, and stir well.
b. Execute cleaning process of combination of ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning (including washing, drying, etc.).
c. If the plating parts cleaning agents fatigue, can be properly supplemented.
d. Follow-up plating technical process according set procedure.

Industry applications:

Plating parts ultrasonic washing machine is mainly used in plating workpiece, vacuum plating accessories, locks, motor parts, bearing, die casting, stamping parts, case strap, spectacle frames, stainless steel cutlery, compressors, watches parts, precision textile equipment, precision molds, gear, Crankshaft, valves, radiators and other precision metal parts.

Ultrasonic washing in the plating industry is mainly divided pre-plating cleaning (pre-treatment) and after plating (after treatment). Pre-plating cleaning include cleaning all types of metal parts after polishing wax parts or when processing oil, debris. After-plating includes cleaning residual plating liquid and various residues.

Ultrasonic washing machine Main technical parameters:
Power supply: 3p 380V 50HZ  Control: AC 220V
Washing process: Spray cleaning → Spray rinse→ Compressed air blow water → hot air drying → Oiling
Cleaning medium: water based
Cleaning workpiece max size: 500×400mm
Loading height: 850mm
Conveyor belt bearing capacity: 300kg/m²
Conveying speed: 0.15-1.5m/min (adjustable)
Best cleaning linear velocity: within range of0.6-1.0m/min, according to parts of complex coefficients to adjust the speed.

Ultrasonic washing machine Cleaning injection pressure:0.32Mpa
Washing theory flow: 30t/h
Rinse injection pressure: 0.32Mpa
Rinse theory flow: 30t/h
Cleaning solution,  temperature: room temperature ~ 70 ℃ (adjustable automatic temperature control)
Dry temperature: 80~120℃ (adjustable automatic temperature control)
Cleaning solution, rinse solution heating method: electricity heating, cleaning solution heating power: 30kw(10kw×3 =30kw)

Ultrasonic washing machine drying heating power: 15kw
Cleaning solution, rinse solution tank, oiled tank volume: 0.60m ³ × 3 pcs
Conveyor drive motor power: 1.1kw
Wash pump motor power: 5.5kw
Rinse pump motor power: 5.5kw
Oiling pump motor power: 0.55kw
Water and oil separator motor power: 0.18kw
Hot air blower: 2.2kw
Oiling heating: 1kw × 3 = 3kw (alternate)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 11000 × 1700 × 2190 (mm)
Mahine weight: 5028kg

Ultrasonic washing machine