Address: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 315300


Contact person: Chen


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  1. Randy
    Randy says:


    My name is Randy and I was looking at a few different sites online and came across your site I must say – your website is very impressive. I found your website on the first page of the Search Engine.

    • Leslie Chea
      Leslie Chea says:

      Hi Chen,
      I’m interested in your plating products, please email me your products info for jewellery plating and gold recovering from cyanide solution. Thank you.


    please send me information, prices and delivery time about rectifier power supply electrodialysis 600v cd

  3. Mirco
    Mirco says:

    Good Morning,

    with reference to the subject (RfQ) kindly ask you a quotation according to the FOLLOWING INPUT RECEIVED BY CUSTOMER

    No. 1 DC Source (24VDC) 200kW, single configuration, Indoor Installation, without battery (input voltage 420V, 50Hz)

    Thank you Regards



    Dear Sir,
    We would like to introduce ourselves as the leading company providing comprehensive solutions and services in the field of science education, to the wide variety of requirements at undergraduate and graduate levels in schools and colleges. We are into the trading of extensive range of scientific equipment’s, laboratory instruments and educational products for all levels of schools and colleges, backed by an experience of more than5 years in the service of science education and proud history of association of some of the world’s leading names in this field
    With total control of the business and all related activities from its registered office situated at BENGALORE For more details about our company please find attached company Profile with this mail.
    Sir, this time we got requirement of your product (file attached). Kindly send us the offer for the same along with your technical catalogue. Please send us the offer as early as possible.
    Further to this please note that this is for a tender India. As seen your website we came to know that you have distributors in India. But we request & wants your Distributorship of all INDIA YOUR PRODUCT where we are working quite well & with good reputation. So request you to check our Company Profile attached with this mail, and confirm us with the Offer as well as about distributorship at an earliest.
    So kindly confirm us the same via return mail & feel free to contact us for any query. Please note that your price should be as per the format mentioned below


    1. 3-Phase AC tnput Voltage: 240 vAc@ 4ee Hz. Acceptable Voltage regulationt t0%
    2. DC Output Voltage: 250 VDC @ 24 A (Min.)
    3. Power Rating: 6.0 kW to 6.5 kW
    4. Minimum Rectification Efficiency: 85%
    5. Maximum DC Output to Ground lsolation: t1000 VDC
    6′ Maximum over Voltage / Over current Trip Setting:!Qo/oto 710% {of max voltage/current rating)
    7. Slew Rate: 90 to 200 ms
    8. Communication lnterface: RS-232
    9. Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 deg Celsius
    10. Maxim um Non-condensing H umidity Tolera nce: 95%
    11. Form Factor: Rack Mountable (1U)
    12. Other requirement: Front Panel with Voltage and Current Displays, operable Voltage and Current
    Control Knobs, Start Stop push Buttons; fully finished Rear panel
    Note: size and weight should be as minimum as possible. Necessary accessories should be provided.
    Warranty of the item be explicitly mentioned.
    1. Ex-Works Price:
    2. CIP/CIF BENGALORE/ kolkata
    3. Packing & Forwarding Charges:
    4. Insurance Charges:
    5. Agency Commission (If Order Placed directly to You):
    6. Installation / Demonstration /Training Charges by your Engineer on Site:
    Thanks & Regards
    For A.S. Industrial Corporation, Kolkata
    Arjun Singh
    (M) +91 8638148210/ 7044861858

    A.S.Industrial Corporation
    18A/4 Bikramgarh, jadavpur
    Kolkata -700 032

  5. Eric
    Eric says:

    Dear Manager,

    Nice to meet you in this market,I hope your company Platingmachines will be better and better.

    We are Chinese manufacture which produce the Electroplating intermediate since 1999,we can supply Nickel-plating,Copper-plating,Zinc-plating intermediate with high quality and good price.

    Our PPS,MOME,UPS,PME,ALS,PS are very popular in this market,I belive they can meet your demands well.

    What we supply:
    Electroplating intermediate

    Sulfamic acid
    Electrophoretic Coating

    If you are intersted in our products,please contact us with more details.

    It will be highly appreciated if there’s any reply from you,thanks .

  6. Muhammad Qaisar Khan
    Muhammad Qaisar Khan says:

    Dear sir,
    Hope you are fine.
    Kindly provide quote for Rectifier / Power Rectifire SER / IGBT Controlled 1000 A and 200A on urgent basis.
    Waiting for your kind reply.

  7. Azhar Aziz Mirza
    Azhar Aziz Mirza says:

    Dear Sir,

    FOB best price quotation required on Exclusive Basis for a Transformer Rectifier.

    Transformer Rectifier : Continuous Operation at 80 to 85, Temp. 10 to 60 Degree Centigrade, Humidity: 10 to 90, Elevation: 10 to 1000 Meters, DC Output Rating 48V & 50A, Input Vol. 220-240V, AC, 13.6A, AC on max rated load DC, 50 Hz. Qty-53Nos

    Best Regards.

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