Eelectroplating rectifier, hard chrome plating high frequency electroplating rectifier absorb new technology.

This technology adopting international standards do 15KHz frequency pulse as signal source.

And high-power IGBT soft-switching resonant converter technology.

Which are both in the international and domestic leading technology and unique applications constant current technology.

Constant current control accuracy up to 1 ‰, industry-leading, high-frequency, high-power, pulse width (big working rate) output.

The cost performance is much better than similar products.

Electroplating rectifier application in hard chrome metal plating case.

And can be set two, three level strick hard chrome work method.

So the chromium layer uniformity, strong adhesion. And can increase the thickness, showing additional advantage of energy-saving (90% efficiency).

Save time (takes only two-thirds of original electroplating rectifier.

Or even shorter), material-saving (raw material can save 30%), high efficiency (each working section can increase capacity of more than one-third).

Three phase electroplating rectifier features:

1. Electroplating rectifier machine adopts antiseptic treatment, sealed control components, each adapter sealed plastics.

In order to protect them air corrosion from acid, alkali and salt, to ensure long-term stability working in corrosive environments.

2. Leading international technology, to achieve real high current, high frequency, high working rate pulse output.

3. PVC shell or spray metal shell, beautiful, will not corrode, straight cooling structure, installation and maintenance is very easy.

4. High efficiency (≥90%), a significant electricity saving (saving more than 30%) (6V1500A electroplating rectifier compare with silicon rectifier and SCR. Which can save electric charge more than $1600/year).

5. Variety control of constant voltage, constant current, steady current, constant power, etc.

6. Current, voltage, working time, frequency meter (optional), return meter (optional). And other all use high precision digital display, with sound and light alarm.

7. Soft start and stop function, with over current, over voltage, less voltage, over temperature, phase loss, less water. And short circuit protection function, high reliability.

8. Before delivery, our electroplating rectifier through rigorous testing and long time aging test. Which can be at full load day and night, uninterrupted running under high current, the failure rate is very low.

9. Adopting our electroplating rectifier, the plating layer can be more uniform, dense, good finish, enhanced the plated workpieces wear resistance.

10. Short working time, high efficiency, saving raw materials, reduce cost, will help you increase output efficiency multiplied.

11. Small size, light weight, easy delivery.

Phase electroplating rectifier main parameters:

1, Input voltage:110V/220V/380V/440V
2, Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
3, Efficiency:≥90%
4, Output voltage:0-15V continuously adjustable
5, Output current:0-3000A continuously adjustable
6, Output current:0-3000A continuously adjustable
7, Steady current accuracy:≤1 ‰
8, Steady voltage accuracy:≤1 ‰
9, Ripple wave:≤100mV
10, Insulation resistance:≥10MΩ

Low ripple hard chrome electroplating rectifier features:

1. The whole machine adopts anti-corrosion treatment, sealed control unit, display adopts sealing anti-corrosion B-type meter head.

And the converters are sealed with adhesive treatment. So that it is protected from acid, alkali and salt gas corrosion, and ensures long-term stable work in corrosive environment;

2. International technology, realization of large current, high frequency, large working ratio pulse output;

3. All spray metal shell, beautiful, will not corrode, straight-through air-cooled structure, installation and maintenance is very convenient;

4. Efficiency (≥93%), significant power saving (power saving more than 30%);

5. Constant voltage, constant current, even current, constant power and other control;

6. Current, voltage, working time, frequency meter, ampere meter (optional) and other full digital display accuracy, sound and light alarm;

7. Soft start, stop function, with over current, over voltage, under voltage, overheating, phase, water, short circuit and other automatic protection functions reliability;

8. The equipment has been strictly tested and long-term aging experiment before leaving the factory, which can be full load day and night, continuous uninterrupted operation of large current, and very low failure rate MTBF (average trouf-free working time) ≥50000 hours;

9. It can make the coating more uniform, good density, high finish, and enhance the wear resistance of the plated parts;

10. Short working hours, high efficiency, save raw materials, reduce costs, output efficiency doubled.

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