Electroplating is to make usage of electrolytic principle to plate a thin layer of metal or alloy on some kinds of metals’ surface, which is a technology by means of electrolytic action to adhese metal file on metals or other material surface, in order to prevent metal oxides (eg rust), improve abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity and enhance aesthetic effects. Many coin outer layer are plated.

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    MOHAMMED says:

    Hello Mr Chen i came across your website and find it very interesting and useful as one of my projects for the near future is electroplating.I am currently manufacturing auto accessories e.g bull bars and roll bars for vehicles in Africa. We are currently using 1.5mm polished stainless steel and this is a relatively new business,therefore i would appreciate your assistance and advise pertaining to electroplating as this could adhance our end products and i am interested in the plastic electroplating as well. What is the cost of these machines?

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