5 necessary auxiliary machines for electroplating industry:

Filter and recycle filter equipment:

In order to ensure electroplating quality, the plating solution is required to filter regularly. While filter is the most commonly used filtration device in the chemical industry, and some kinds of electroplating also required ceaselessly cycling filtration on running. We can select the right filter based on plating situation and electroplating bath size as well as technological requirements.

Cathode moving or agitation device:

Some or most of plating, the cathode shall in condition of moving states, then the operating current can be increased, while bath solution give deserved function (usually brightness and dispersion capacity), and can prevent from cusp, corner gross plated, charred. But some types of plating can use equipment or agitation device to replace cathode moving. Mechanical agitation is a mixer which made of corrosion-resistant material, usually, it is driven by motor, but its speed is can not too high. While air stirring adopts the deoiled compressed air after filtering.

Heating or cooling machines:

Because of plating solution working at a certain temperature, so electroplating bath shall be equipped with heating devices. For example, temperature of brightness nickel plating should be maintained at 50 ℃, while chrome plating temperature is 50 ~ 60 ℃, but brightness acidity copper electroplating or brightness silver plating required temperature within 30 ℃. Thus, these requirements shall be met by means of heat exchange machinery. For heating, normally use direct heating method.

Plating bath:

Plating bath must be equipped with accessories including anode and anode or anode baskets or anode hook, electrode rods , power cables, etc..
Most anode basket used titanium as material, a few species electroplating adopt stainless steel or steel.
Electrode rod is conductive rod which used for hanging anode and cathode and also connected to power source. Usually made of copper or brass rod, slightly longer than the plating bath, the diameter size according to the current demand, but the diameter at least more than 5cm.
The key function of power cable is to ensure can go through needed current. The best material is copper plate, also multi-strand cable can be adopted, but cross sectional area requirements must be complied with.

Plating hanger:

Hanger is the most important auxiliary tools for electroplating process. It is tool not only to make sure plating workpiece connected with cathode, but also has a direct impact on coating layer distribution and efficiency. Now there are professional hanger suppliers to offer general design hanger and also can customize according to users’ special requirements.

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