AC to DC power supply main working principle:

AC to DC power supply major circuit:

Which the process is from AC current power grid input, and output with DC current output of entire process, including:

1, Input filter device: its role is to filter out power grid existed impurity waveform, at the same time also to prevent impurity generated by AC to DC power supply itself back to the public grid.
2, Rectifier and waveform filter: rectifierying power grid AC current power to smoother DC power supply directly, for the next level of transformation.
3, Inverter: make the rectified DC power supply current into high-frequency alternating current, which this is the core part of high-frequency switching power supply, the higher the frequency, the volume, weight and output power ratio is smaller.
4, Output rectifier and filter: according to the loading needs, providing stable and reliable DC power supply.

AC to DC power supply control circuit:

On the one hand from the output take sampling, compare with the set standards and to control the inverter, change its frequency or pulse width output to achieve output stability, on the other hand, according to information provided by the test circuit, after protection circuit identification, provide control circuit for variety protective measures to whole machine.

Detection circuit of AC to DC power supply:

In addition to providing protection circuit running in a variety of parameters, but also provide a variety of information display instruments.

Auxiliary power:

Providing all the different requirements of a single circuit power supply.

AC to DC power supply Specification and parameter:

AC to DC power supply Input voltage3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz
Output voltage6V/12V/15V/18V/24V/36V/48V optional or according to customers’ request
Output current0-5000A (Random optional)
Voltage stability≤1%
Current stability≤1%
Ripple factor1%-2%
 Stabilization modeCurrent stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment rangeVoltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling systemAir cooling/Water cooling/Oil cooling
Control methodManual/PLC
Display contentsVoltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error, etc..
Protection methodInput over voltage/Under voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature-20-50℃
Ambient temperature-30-65℃
Ambient humidity≤90%
Working loadingFull capacity operation, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, reduced load operation

AC to DC power supply Packing details:

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