Air cooled chiller features:

Air cooled chiller using the most advanced international flexible turbo refrigeration compressors in current, and the best refrigeration parts of well-known brands. Match a large area of high efficiency heat exchanger, combined with the best system design to ensure high efficient of air cooled chiller heat exchange.
Advanced manufacturing assembly process, highly reliable electrical control components, specializing in the field of control procedures to ensure the long-term stable operation of air cooling chiller.

Our air cooled chiller have fin type, water-cooled shell and tube condenser, and stainless steel water tank type, anti-acid corrosion shell and tube evaporator, water cooled chillers from the water temperature 20℃ to -15℃ wide range variety models to be chosen from, which is fully meet customer needs (special request could be custom-made by your requirements).

Comprehensive security measures:
1, Refrigeration systems, low-voltage protection, over temperature fusible plug protection, safe valve protection.
2, The compressor overload soft and hard double protection, fans can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient temperature.
3, Air cooling chillers ower phase, reverse phase, under voltage, over-voltage protection.
4, Water system anti-icing protection, lack of water current protection.

Our chiller widely used in:
Aluminum oxide, aluminum hard anodizing, plating industry, plastics and rubber, injection molding, extrusion, foam machine, blowing machine, laminating machine, leather embossing machine, laminate flooring, bio-food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and other industries.