Anodizing rectifier is very common in industry:

Anodizing rectifier for aluminum anodizing DC rectifier used in anodic oxidation of aluminum, this technical process is actually a process by mean of electrolytic aluminum surface to make aluminum profile or aluminum alloy profile forming alumina oxidization film.

Our rectifiers also have imitation gold electroplating power supply, pulse electroplating rectifiers.

High-frequency electro plating power supply, DC voltage stabilization power supply, battery charging power supply, DC motor test power supply, experimental measurement power supply, pulse superposition hard oxidation DC rectifier.

Special usage silicon AC to DC rectifier, electric furnace heating power supply, high power (electrolysis, oxidation) power supply and some matched power supply equipment etc..

Anodizing rectifier

Anodizing rectifier

Anodizing rectifier usage:

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifiers applied to aluminum profile (aluminum and aluminum alloy and so on) anodic oxidation treatment.

Aluminum anodizing rectifier features:

Has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high control precision, etc..;
Pulse width modulation power introduced international advanced technology, using IGBT power module of the international brand;
Complete protection function, has voltage stabilization & current stabilization working mode, and filtration, over-voltage, overheating, short circuit, phase missing protection functions and soft start.
The power supply adopts special design control system, internal structure of anti acid, anti alkali design, which greatly increase the service life of the product.

a. Digital timing system;
b. Ampere hour meter;
c. Standard interface;
d. Control signal interface.

Aluminum anodizing DC rectifier technical parameters:

Input voltage: three-phase four wire 380V, 415V, 50-60Hz;
DC output current: 100A-30000A can be optional;
Output DC voltage: 3V-1000V arbitrary choice;
Voltage stabilization accuracy: less than or equal to 1%;
Current stabilizing precision: less than or equal to 1%;
The output ripple current: 1%-2%;
Cooling method: forced air cooling or water cooling;
The cooling water quality: ordinary tap water, deionized water (recommended); PH value: 7-8, Water pressure: 0.1-0.25MP, Temperature: 3 degrees -33 degrees;
Load operation: full load run for 24 hours, more than 1000 meters above sea level, reducing the use of capacity;
Working environment: the environment temperature is 10 degrees below zero to 40 degrees; at room temperature (15-25 degrees) of air relative humidity should be less than 90%.

If need better hardness and quality, pulse power supply is good for your choice.

The packing of rectifier and services:

This section aluminum oxidation power supply using standard packaging (for details, please refer to our products packaging instructions).

Anodic oxidation rectifier:

Electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. Aluminum and its alloy in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, due to the action of external current, the process of forming an oxide film on the aluminum product (anode).

Anodizing, if not specified, usually refers to sulfuric acid anodizing.

In order to overcome the defects of the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, expand the application range and extend the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of the use of aluminum alloy, and anodizing technology is currently the most widely used and most successful.

The anodizing of aluminum is an electrolytic oxidation process in which the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys is usually transformed into an oxide film, which has protective, decorative, and some other functional properties.

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  1. Horacio Valdez
    Horacio Valdez says:

    Any contact in Mexico that can quote our requirement

    – Pulse rectifiers,our type P for anodizing,with the following features:

    • Supply: 400 Vac,three phase,- 50 Hz
    • Output: o + 22 Vde; o+ 3000 Adc (base) – 4500 Adc (Pulse) Max. average output current: 4050 Adc

    • Duty: Continuous working al4050A- class 1 (lEC 60146-1-1)
    • Power transformer: Dry type,resin impregnated. Aluminum windings. lnsulation class H. Manufactured according to lEC 60076-11 and lEC 61558 “Safety isolating transformers” standards.
    • Rectifying circuit: 6 output pulses
    • Input line current: 3 x 166 Aac (115 kVA) approx. alfull output current
    • Ripple: Minor or equal 5% (Rms) alfull output (unsmoothed)
    • Control: electronic digitalcontrol, 0/100% by means of microprocessor controlled card (DUC) and thyristors. Constant voltage or constant current control (selectable)

    •Accuracy: ±1% of full-scale vaul e forload variations from 10/100%
    • Protections: Automatic main breaker

    Electronic device for current limiting
    Max temperature thermostats in the main transformer windings and on thyristors heat sinks.
    Wrong phase sequence and phase loss
    RC snubber circuit parallel connected to SCRs and to line
    Auxiliary circuit and fan motor protection
    • Dimensions: mm 1000 x 1300 x 2000 (h), to be confirmed
    • Weight: net kg 1000 approx.
    • Cooling: Forced air cooilng (AF) in open loop by means of electroventilator.

    • Ambient conditions: lndoor installation Safe area, non-corrosive atmosphere Working ambient temperature: min O °C;max. +40 °C
    • Protection degree : IP 20
    • Painting : RAL 7035 (Elca standard painting)

    •Control panel: remote control panel, digital type wtih 7″ Operator (TFT colour display with touch screen), including:
    – Digital DC voltmeter, digital DC ammeter
    – Touch screen for Start/Stop and data input
    – Wide display for alam and message visualization
    – Timer function to set the process duration (manual mode)
    – Provided with Ethernet port (Modbus TCP-IP)
    – 10 m connection cable

  2. Marko Stetic
    Marko Stetic says:

    Dear. Can you please send us an offer for a rectifier for metal electroplating.
    Input: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
    Output: 0 – 20 VDC, 0 – 5.000 A.
    Automation system (option manual operation panel).
    Best Regards
    Marko Stetic
    MARETRON power electronic
    Zagreb, Croatia

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