Barrel plating equipment brief introduction:

Barrel plating equipment when plating workpieces volume is small.

And with larger quantities.

It is reasonable and economical to use barrel plating equipment.

Compare to rack electroplating, Barrel plating equipment has the following advantages:

Barrel plating equipment without loading and unloading jigs processes.

Which is saving time. Its production efficiency is higher than the rack 4 to 6 times;

② Sometimes barrel plating machinery can also improve the coating quality.
Because of the constant rolling of the workpiece.

It is equivalent of a strong agitation, can make surface bubbles early leave.

To prevent adhesion of impurities, then make the coating bright;

③ Because of do not use rack. Then to avoided the print appearance of plating hung racks.

barrel plating equipment

barrel plating equipment

But the shape and size of barrel plating equipment workpieces are subject to certain restrictions.

The appropriate plating layer thickness is also less than rack electroplating.

Majority the thickness is less than 10μm.

While the coating film thickness is not easy to control.

Parts suitable for barrel plating machine: bolts, nuts, washers, etc..

While easy to fit together the parts (such as spring, sheets, etc.,).

As well as easily deformed, easy to collision damage, required to maintain edges parts. Then can not use barrel plating machine.

There are many of plating types suitable for barrel plating machine.

Such as Zn, Cd, Ag, Sn, Cu, Ni, etc..

In order to overcome some of the limitations of barrel plating production line, expansion the barrel drum diameter and length in barrel plating equipment recently.
And simplify and automate the loading operation, improve barrel drum solution circulation and so on.

So that the barrel plating machine yield can improve. While suitable barrel plating production line parts range expanded, and operation is greatly simplified.

Development of barrel plating equipment:

Barrel plating equipment is suitable for the plating of small parts that not hung by shape, size and other factors.

Compared with the early plating of small parts by hanging plating or basket plating.

It saves labor, improves labor production efficiency. And the surface quality of the plating parts is greatly improved.

Therefore, the invention and application of barrel plating in the field of small parts plating undoubtedly has a very positive significance.

Barrel plating has been used in industry as early as the 1920s. Domestic barrel plating first appeared in Shanghai in the mid-late 1950s. And mechanized continuous barrel plating equipment began to use in the 1960s or so.

But the equipment at that time could only be manually controlled. And the large automatic rolling plating production line has been widely used since the 1990s.

At present, the output of barrel plating accounts for about 50% of the entire plating process. And involves dozens of plating species such as galvanized, copper, nickel, tin, chromium, gold, silver and alloys.

Barrle plating equipment has become a kind of electroplating processing method which is widely used and almost parallel with hanging plating.

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