Overview of Circular vertical electroplate production line:

Circular vertical electroplate production line is suitable for medium and large hardware, metal, and ABS plastic and circuit board plating. Our plating machine uses hydraulic and mechanical transmission. Has the features of reliable operation and low noise. Advanced design of control circuit, and adopts imported PLC and transducer and photoelectric proximity switches. Travel switch multiple protection to ensure reliable operation. And the running speed, time can be adjusted according to requirements.

Main parameters of Circular vertical electroplate production line:

Output cycle: 30 second/hanging adjustable; Maximum plating workpiece: can be designed according to user; Working conditions: 24 hours of continuous production; Maximum lifting weight: could be designed according to users’ end product. Suitable for galvanized, nickel, tin, and other electroplating.

Circular vertical electroplate production line typical process tank arrangement of full automatic ring electroplating machines present as U-shaped, by a number of fixed bathes with basically same width but different length, and mechanical devices that push hanging piece forward and fixed points go up and down, and automatic control devices and other devices.

Hanging tool along with plating workpiece regularly conduct the steps of fall, delay, rise, forward and other actions, it can automatically combine many procedures, including degreasing, pickling, cleaning, electroplating and other dozens. Automatic ring plating production line with high degree of automation, high efficiency, reduce labor intensity, less the operator, beautiful appearance; leverage vertical lift, plating tank capacity utilization is high; mechanical movements are simple, low-maintenance cost of equipment; the time of exposing on the air is short, workpiece running smoothly, each arm about 2-100s; equipment operation speed is adjustable and has a cushioning device, so that the plating holding steady; run cycle short; which is suitable for high quality coating, high-volume, single shape, mature technology electroplating.

Circular vertical electroplate production line features:

Compare to gantry type plating machine hanging, circulation vertical electroplating production line has following features: In the production process, each process baths are all in load condition, so that the efficiency is high, which is suitable for mass electro plating production, and mature technology products, but circular vertical electro plating machinery mechanical structure is more complex, more investment, as well as changing difficulties in technological. Automatic circular plating machine line of each rack as a beat, move each distance, will fixed lifting, and the plating workpiece will be forward sequential. Therefore, the plating bath placement arrangement arranged in a U shape according to technical production process.

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