The nature of the chromium and copper plating chrome machine usage:

1, Chrome nature: Chromium is a microstrip blue silver-white metal, in the air easily passivation, formed a very thin film layer on surface, and therefore able to maintain the long original luster in the atmosphere, show noble metal properties. Chrome and sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and many organic acid have no chemical effects, but can be dissolved in hydrohalic acids (e.g. hydrochloric acid), and hot sulfuric acid.

2, Copper plating chrome machine usage:

  • Protective and Decorative chrome plating: On the polished coating film layer, chrome plating or bright chrome plating (bright copper or brightness nickel) of 0.25 ~ 2μm copper plating chrome machine film plating, can make products more bright surface, and has a certain degree of wear resistance, heat resistance, which has been widely used in bicycles, watches and other industrial production. At the same time, also could be used for the mirror, because the anti sulfide performance of chrome plating coating layer is stronger than the silver plated layer.

    Copper plating chrome machine products get high hardness:

  • Wear-resistant chromium (hard chrome plating of copper plating chrome machine) on steel base plating anti-wear chrome, chrome plated hardness can up to 850 ~ 1200HV, with high wear resistance, that is widely used measuring tools, cutting tools, a variety of machine axes class and other machine parts manufacturing.
  • Black chrome: On some instrument or sophisticated equipment, in order to prevent the reflection of some parts to plate black chrome on it.
  • Loose hole chrome plating machine: with good lubrication and wear resistance, mainly used for cylinder internal combustion engine, cylinder liners, piston rings, crankshaft and other parts.

3,  Copper plating chrome machine type according to the decorative classification:

(1) Brightness copper plating chrome machine;
(2) General chrome (loose hole chrome plating);
(3) Cream chromium;
(4) Black Chrome.

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