DI water system:

DI water system treatment equipment, choose well-known manufacturers of components, adopts multi-stage pre-filtration, reverse osmosis, nuclear grade mixed bed resin purification, dual wavelength UV digestion and other advanced processing technology and use our company’s unique process design to ensure superior product performance stability. Laboratory ultra-pure water machine integration design, set pretreatment system, RO systems, ultra-pure water systems, post-processing system in one, easy to operate and maintain.

DI water system also can call as Reverse Osmosis, simplify as RO:

DI water system usually composed by raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system and super- pure post treatment sections. Pretreatment main purpose is to make raw water to meet inlet requirements of reverse osmosis membrane module, which to ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis purification system. Reverse osmosis membrane system is the most economical and efficient method to removal of more than 98% raw water ions and organics and 100% microorganisms (in theory) at one time for purification. Ultra-purification post-treatment system through a variety of integrated techniques to further remove the remaining traces and irons of reverse osmosis water, to meet different end-use requirements for water quality index.

DI water system working principle:

Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated liquid membrane separation technology, applied operating pressure in the water side (concentrated solution) to overcome the natural osmotic pressure, when the operating pressure is higher than the natural osmotic pressure, the water molecules natural penetrate flow direction will be reversed, water (concentrated solution) molecules become purified through the reverse osmosis membrane; reverse osmosis equipment can stop all soluble salts of organic and molecular weight greater than 100, but allows water molecules through the composite reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate is typically greater than 98%, they are widely used in industrial pure water, plating machine area, electroplating field, and electronics, drinking water production, boiler feed water and other process. Before using ion exchanging, using DI water system can greatly reduce discharge volume of water and waste water.