• Electrodialysis power supply

Electrodialysis power supply introduction

Water treatment electrodialysis is becoming more and more popular. According to the latest electronic research results, combined with advanced control methods, our company designed special electrodialysis power supply. This electrodialysis rectifier uses advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, and the use of high-quality IGBT modules and MOSFET as power switching devices.

Our production process is strictly perfect. Electrodialysis rectifier has advantages with small size, light weight, full-featured, stable and reliable performance. Adoption of advanced DSP control system, with automatic self-current stable/self-voltage stable function, will not change follow with voltage, which is high reliability.Also equipped with PLC interface and RS485 interface expansion function, to facilitate the realization of automation control.

Electrodialysis power supply working principle:

Electrodialysis power supply mainly composed of rectifier filter circuit, full bridge conversion circuit, high frequency transformer, high frequency rectifier, filter circuit, auxiliary power supply circuit and main control unit circuit. Main control unit circuit is mainly composed of phase failure protection circuit, temperature protection circuit , overload protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit and PWM circuit with PI adjustment.

Three-phase grid voltage after electrodialysis power supply switch, then rectifier filter, to get 520VDC smooth DC voltage supply to the inverter circuit. Inverter circuit is mainly composed of high-power field-effect MOSFET module (or IGBT module) to form a full-bridge converter circuit. When the PWM output control signal through the isolation drive the power module respectively, two sets of diagonal tube alternately turn on, in the high-frequency transformer primary high-frequency pulse voltage, the secondary voltage from the high-frequency transformer transformer rectifier to provide energy to the load.

  • Input voltage
  • Output voltage
  • Output current
  • Output power
  • Output pole switching
  • Control accurancy
  • Control method
  • Single phase 220V AC, 3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz
  • Rated voltage 0-600V
  • Rated current 0-400A
  • Custom design based on requirements
  • Module pole switching
  • 1%
  • Constant voltage/Constant current