Electrolysis power supply application:

Mainly electrolysis for non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese and dioxide manganese; gold, silver and other metal smelting; NdFeB rare earth smelting; carbide, diamond smelting; salt water, potassium electrolysis made caustic soda, potash, sodium; potassium chloride electrolysis potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate; refractories electric heating, as well as other types of high-power electrolysis power supply.

Electrolysis power supply working in industry:

Electrolysis power supply is widely used in metallurgical industry, such as extracting metal from ore or compound (electrowinning) or extracting purified metal (electrolytic purification), and depositing metal (electroplating) from the solution. Metallic sodium and chlorine are produced by electrolysis of sodium chloride melt dissolved; electrolysis sodium chloride aqueous solution will generate sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas. Electrolysis water produce hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis of water is the external electric action to split water into H2 (g) and O2 (g). DC electrolysis power supply is a very powerful means of promoting the oxidation- reduction reaction, many difficult redox reaction is implemented by a DC electrolysis power supply. For example: molten fluoride can be oxidized at the anode to elemental fluorine, molten lithium salt is reduced to metallic lithium on the cathode.

Electrolysis power supply importance:

Electrolysis industry plays an important role in the national economy, many ferrous metals (such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, aluminum, etc.) and precious metals (such as zirconium, hafnium, etc.) smelting and metals refining (such as copper, zinc, lead), basic chemical products (such as hydrogen, oxygen, caustic soda, preparation of potassium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, adiponectin, etc.), as well as electro plating, electrical polishing, anodizing, are achieved by a DC electrolysis power supply.

Electrolysis power supply specification and parameter:

Electrolysis power supply Input voltage 3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz
Output voltage 6V/12V/15V/18V/24V/36V/48V optional or according to customers’ request
Output current 0-8000A (Random optional)
Voltage stability ≤1%
Current stability ≤1%
Ripple factor 1%-2%
Efficiency ≥90%
 Stabilization mode Current stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment range Voltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling system Air cooling/Water cooling/Oil cooling
Control method Manual/PLC
Display contents Voltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error, etc..
Protection method Input over-voltage/Under-voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature -20-50℃
Ambient temperature -30-65℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%
Working loading Full capacity operation, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, reduced load operation

Electrolysis power supply Packing details:

Anodizing rectifier

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

SCR rectifier compare HF power supply

Water treatment power supply

Electrocoagulation waste water treatment power supply

Hard oxidation rectifier

Hard oxidation rectifier

Pulse rectifier

Pulse rectifier

Pulse rectifiers silver plating

Pulse rectifiers silver plating

HF rectifier

10000A HF rectifier

Electrolysis power supply

8000A Electrolysis power supply

Switch mode power supply

6000A Switch mode power supply

AC to DC power supply

5000A AC to DC power supply

Rectifier supplier 4000A

4000A Rectifier supplier

12 volt dc power supply 3000A

3000A 12 volt dc power supply

Electroplating power supply 2000A

2000A Electroplating power supply

Plating rectifiers 1500A

1500A Plating rectifiers

Rectifiers 1000A

1000A Rectifiers

SMPS power unit 600A

600A SMPS power unit
Plating power supply

Plating power supply 500A

500A Plating power supply

AC to DC rectifier 750A

750A AC to DC rectifier
DC power supply

DC power supply 300A

300A DC power supply
Power supply 200A

Power supply 200A

200A Power supply

Plating rectifier 100A

100A Plating rectifier
Anodizing rectifier

Anodizing rectifier

Anodizing rectifier

Pulse plating power supply

Pulse plating power supply

Oxidation pulse power supply

Oxidation pulse power supply
Single pulse plating power supply

Single pulse plating power supply

Single pulse plating power supply

High frequency rectifier 20000A

20000A High frequency rectifier

Hard oxidation

Hard oxidation

Pulse power supply

Pulse power supply

Pulse power supply gold plating

Pulse power supply gold plating

Water treatment power supply

Water cooling plating rectifier

Electrodialysis power supply 2

Electrodialysis power supply

Electrophoresis power source

Electrophoresis power source
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