Electrophoresis power source selection:

Electrophoresis power source is a key equipment for electrophoresis coating machinery, so appropriate selection of electrophoresis power source capacity, can significantly improve the cost efficiency ratio of electrophoretic coating equipment. So in the design of electrophoretic coating machine, electrophoresis power source choice is particularly important. Here is a brief description of electrophoresis power supply selection, hope you can have right choice for electrophoresis rectifier.

Electrophoretic coating is to make the to be coated (workpiece) immersed in an aqueous coating as one electrode (anode or cathode), set up another corresponding electrode (cathode or anode), between the two poles applied a DC electric field, by physical and chemical effects generated by electric field, make the coating particle coated on the workpieces surface uniformly. This is an advanced, modern new painting technologies.

Electrophoresis power source is core for electrophoretic coating equipment:

Based electrophoretic painting working principle, electrophoresis power source is DC power supply, is a key equipment for electrophoretic coating equipment, there is no electrophoresis if there is no DC power supply. If select DC power supply capacity properly, can significantly improve the cost effect. If choose a large electrophoresis power supply capacity, will increase the production cost of equipment, so as to improve equipment installation power, resulting in waste. On the contrary, it makes the entire production line not fully utilized, productivity can not be improved. If need large on-line coating, electrophoresis current is too large, resulting in a DC power supply over current protection, can not be normal production. So in the design work of the electrophoretic coating equipment, electrophoresis power source choice is particularly important.

Electrophoresis power source election based on:

Key features and specifications of the electrophoresis power source need to fully meet the electrophoretic coating process requirements. Based on the following aspects:

1) Inherent characteristics of electrophoretic paint;

a, Electrophoretic paint “breakdown voltage”;
b, Electrophoretic paint “threshold voltage”;
c, Electrophoretic paint, “Coulomb efficiency.”

2) To be coated workpiece surface area (internal and external surface area);
3) Complexity of the workpiece and shape of the workpiece.

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