Plating is a technology which make the use of electrolytic to process the surface parts. When electroplating, the part in plating solution is negative, and metal ions under the action of DC power deposited the surface of parts to form a uniform, dense metal layer.

1,The necessary requirement for plating: external DC power supply, electroplating solution, electrolyzer constituted by plating workpiece and anode.

2, Electrolytic purpose: to change the parts’ surface appearance and physical and chemical properties, to acieve variety features of decorative, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and other technical performance.

3, The crystallization of electrolytic process: the process of electrolyte metal ions or complex ions in the cathodic reduction to deposite metal coating called as electrolytic crystal.

Explain: Electrolytic crystal is an electrochemical reaction process, the metal ion is capable of reducing determined by cathode point . Only the cathode potential deviates from the equilibrium state, which produce certain overpotential will deposit metal crystal on cathode.

4. Metal electrodeposition is a complex process, which generally has several continuous stes or coincide interface reactions:
A. Metal ions in solution (such as Hydrated metal ions or complex of complexing ions) by mean of electromigration, convection, diffusion and other forms to arrive the near of of cathode surface .
B. Before reduction, the metal iron near by or on the cathode surface taking place of chemical conversion.
C. Metal ion gets electron from the cathode surface then reducts to metal atom.
D. Metal atom reach the growing point along the surface diffusion to reach growth point for crystal growth, or meet with other ions to form crystal nucleus and grow into crystals.
Explain: forming the metal crystals two steps: the formation and growth of crystal nucleus.

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  1. Angela Waterford
    Angela Waterford says:

    It’s interesting to know that plating is a technology that uses electrolytes. It’s my first time to use this on my little robot project so I might need to buy some electroplating nickel anodes from a good distributor. I think it would be useful for corrosion resistance so I’ll buy some before the month ends.

  2. Van Aken
    Van Aken says:

    Electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of another metal or alloy on the surface of certain metals using the principle of electrolysis.

  3. Mia Evans
    Mia Evans says:

    It’s interesting to know that external DC power would be necessary for the electroplating process. I guess that applies to the electroplating metal finishing process when a company would be working with that kind of service. They would probably have the right equipment for such services to ensure that they get the right outcome for their products.

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