Fully automatic dry clean line application area:

Fully automatic dry clean line suitable for large quantities of parts, continuous cleaning operation, can be used for degreasing, anti rust, polishing paste cleaning of metal stamping parts, compressor parts, stainless steel parts, large plates and shells and other parts.

Fully automatic dry clean line features:

● Using special suspension and rack conveyor, hanging to conveyor the workpiece.
● Set multi ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, spraying, dehydration, anti-rust, drying and other processes.
● Frequency stepless adjustable suspension chain speed to adapt to different needs of variety workpieces cleaning tact.
● Flexible setting of cleaning process according to layout of each site.
● Smooth wroking, high reliability and easy operation.
● According to customer demands for non-standard design, manufacture.

Fully automatic dry clean line equipment summary:
This device is the use of lotion ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinse water, rinse, and finally hot air drying, to remove the workpiece surface oil and other debris.

Cleaning objects and processes:

1, Cleaning objects: Metal mould (aluminum);
2, Cleaning technical process: feeding material → lotion ultrasonic cleaning → water rinsing → ultrasonic rinse → hot air drying → unloading.
3, Cleaning tact: set a timing device, control range: 1-30 min/basket adjustable.

Fully automatic dry clean line control box:

A separate electronic control box, inside the metering device to the control unit and power supply unit configured to distinguish.
On the control panel only set desired switch, adjusting switch installed in the electrical control box.
There are control cabinet door, to prevent being changed by unauthorized persons.

Fully automatic dry clean line electrical installations:

Fuse: load capacity for protection of well-coordinated;
Wire: heat-resistant insulated wire, absolute prohibition of AC and DC lines use the same cable;
Uses the same manufacture with the same application.