Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery series automatic production line is applied to hardware metal parts barrel plating producing. Readily for transforming process and plating time. The main machine, uses imported motors with brake. Therefore, has advantages of smooth running, reliable brakes, less shaking, coupled with PLC program control. Has feature of high degree of automation. Screen displayed and controlled by touch-screens. It can transform any process and procedures easily. Then can fit different parts electroplating and time requirements.

Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery main parameters:

Output cycle: 3 minutes or more/hanging adjustable;
Maximum plating workpiece: Can be designed according to customer demands;
Working conditions: continuous production for 24 hours;
Maximum lifting weight: could be designed according to users’ end product.
Suitable for galvanized, nickel, tin, and other electroplating.
Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery (automatic barrel plating line) is according to a certain electroplating processes that combine the plating tank, electroplating enhance conveyance device, electrical control devices, power equipment, filtration equipment, testing equipment, heating and cooling equipment, air agitation equipment portfolio as a whole, through the mechanical and electrical installation to automatic fulfill the electroplating whole process, which is high production efficiency, and stable product quality.

Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery

Gantry type barrel electroplating machinery

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  1. Didik Irwanto
    Didik Irwanto says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have inquiry of Copper and Nickel Plating Machine for coins. With minimum qty requirement are 5 billion pcs per year. 24 hrs working day and size are same as coin money. Please kindly give us your Best Quotation. Thanks and Regards, Didik Irwanto.

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Hello K H Goh
      Thanks for your inquiry of our barrel machine for zinc plating.
      Regarding plating machine is customized products, we need to know more details from your side.
      Such as parts size? Daily capacity? How many working hours of daily? Etc..
      And already sent you mail.
      Looking forward your further information.
      Best regards!


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