Gantry type plating machine overview:

This series gantry type plating machine is suitable for multi variety production. It is readily to change plating types and to adjust electroplating time. Main machine adopts imported motor with brake. Therefore, has features of smooth running, reliable brakes, less shaking, coupled with PLC program control. Then the automation degree is high. Screens displayed and controlled by touch screen. It is willfully to transform any process and procedures. Which can meet different electroplate cladding material matches.

Gantry type plating machine main parameters:

Output cycle: 2 minutes or more/hanging adjustable;
Maximum plating workpiece: Can be designed according to customer demands;
Working conditions: continuous production for 24 hours;
Maximum lifting weight: could be designed according to users’ end product.
Suitable for galvanized, nickel, tin, and other plating.

Linear gantry electroplating machinery is characterized using a gantry crane to hoist and carry plating parts (with hanging rod or pole with a barrel roller). With variety plate bathes with in a straight parallel line or more lines, while cranes make a straight line along the track, making the use of one or two pairs crane lifting hook for hoisting, then to make the automatic production line complete the machining tasks according to the program. The gantry crane has advantages of good rigidity, significant hoists weight, stable running, which is suitable for various sizes of plating tank lifting workpieces. For auto line of large length of the electroplating tank, can use this type of body structure. The working rails installed on double sides of plating bath, that has advantages of slowing corrosion when track running, and convenient of electrical sensor fault checking; Using larger coating bath automatic line controlled by high precision computer, which has advanced functions of parameters automatic memory and storage on production process, that is available for quality inspection traceability; and can be equipped with a vibration swing; air agitation; PLC automatic control, precise operation; as well as can be equipped with high precision filter, to ensure high-quality coating and plating; also could be accompanied by high-quality rectifier to ensure the stability of plating.

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