Industrial chiller machine features:

● Industrial chiller using split type structure design, which divided into industrial air cold chillers and industry water cooling chiller, have advantages of reasonable layout, small footprint, nice appearance.

● Our chiller machine utside selects American Copeland company hermetic scroll refrigeration compressors, refrigeration components adopts from internationallyrenowned brand, high efficiency hydrophilic aluminum foil close heat exchanger, and efficient shell-tube (plate) heat exchangers, air cooled units using low rotationspeed, large wind volume, super low noise outer rotor fan, as well as optimized cooling system design, can be high efficient and stable operation.

● Built-in 304 stainless steel water tank insulation, stainless steel horizontal pipes circulating pump, which is effectively ensure the cleanliness of the water quality.

● Inside industrial chiller machine selection of efficient large diameter, large temperature difference hydrophilic aluminum foil by precision machining process is completed, combined with the large amount of wind, high wind pressure, low noise fan form a unitary structure. With functions of dehumidification, with drainage device, can effectively achieve point to point cooling.

Our industrial chiller widely used in: rice mills, grain silos, plastic blown film, outside field tents, fair & exhibition venues, livestock breeding, factory workshop, hot working area, machine lathe local temperature cool-down.

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