Manual plating equipment:

Manual plating line is to rely on manual operation, which entry bath and out of bath relying on people controlling, this kind of machine suitable high quality parts electroplating treatment, but when face quantity production, it will appear low efficiency problem, and because of it’s feature with controlling by people, if there is any quality problem, it is trouble to trace problem source.
Automatic plating machine is run automatically by PLC, with advantages of unified process, suitable for high-volume production and high efficiency. But for some special requirements of precision parts, automatic line is not as good as manual plating equipment so convenient and practical.
In a word, automatic plating machine is suitable for mass production mature processes products, while manual electro plating machine is suitable for electroplating more sophisticated requirements and automatic plating line not easy to treatment.

Advantage of manual plating equipment is better adaptability for various products, which is flexible to arrange production, but the efficiency is low. The auto electro plating machine with obvious high efficiency advantage and relatively stable quality, less quality fluctuation caused by human factor, but the automatic line has feature of poor adaptation for products, some specializing plating production lines only suitable special designed products, when product shape and coating requirements changes, it will reduce the efficiency, and can not take automatic advantages.

Manual plating equipment arrangement:

Manual electroplating line arrangement is basically based on the production process. In order to prevent fatigue and operating interference in processes, usually divided into pre-plating treatment, electro plating treatment, and after plating three sections. The ideal layout is set up in a separate pre-processing workshop, where there is organic oil degreasing, chemical degreasing and etching processes. And pre-treatment of electrolytic degreasing and activation processes moved to electro plating section.

Electroplating process electroplating workshop is based processing areas, some companies will after plating and electroplating in the same area, after cleaning the upcoming electroplating, plating production also complete the drying area. In a small business or workshop class plating processing units, which are more common layout methods. Large electroplating enterprises there after plating a special area will be processed and dried after plating placed in a special area, and additionally has a packaging area. Such management of stable quality and efficiency are very advantageous.

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