Nickel plating chemical solution

A. Nickel plating chemical solution features:

1.  Our company 200 is an advanced high-speed, medium phosphorus content (8-10%) super brightness electroless nickel plating process.

2. After proper pretreatment, it is suitable for electroless nickel plating on aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloy and some non-conductive substrates.

3. This plating technical processhas following outstanding advantages: which is super bright, fast plating speed, simple operation of tank, long working life. Under normal operation, nickel plating solution can reach 8-12 cycles of cycle supplement used on steel substrate.

4.Electroplating rate is 16 ~ 25um/h, which varies slightly based on pH value, temperature, concentration and stirring state.

5. 200 is supplied with three kinds of concentrated liquid, which are respectively used for tank distribution and addition:

200A is used for equipment tank and adding;

200B is only used for equipmenting tank;

200C is only used for adding.

Nickel plating chemical solution

B. Nickel plating chemical solution specification:

ItemTechnical index
200 A200 B200 C
AppearanceClear liquidClear liquidClear liquid
ColorGreenColorless light yellowColorless light yellow
pH value2.5-4.55.3-6.39.8-11.8
Plating speedum/h16-2516-2516-25
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