Ultrasonic optical cleaning machine mainly used: between before and after the coating and assembly process of glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products cleaning; in the optoelectronic industry is mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, after sealing of liquid crystal chip residual cleaning. Workpiece cleaning: projectors, rear projection televisions, digital cameras, car mirrors and other optical glass.

Optical cleaning machine application:
Used in projectors, rear projection televisions, digital cameras, optical glass, etc..

Optical cleaning machine features:

There is solvent degreasing apparatus in front of equipment, more appropriate bitumen degreasing treatment.
Ultrasonic of using effection up to 95% generator, power adjustable 10-100%.
Optical cleaning machine ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ, 68KHZ.
Set up an independent distillation recovery tank, effectively improve the service life of the solvent.
It provided with a filter circulation system.
Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure cleanliness.
Imported fire and explosion sensitive system, safe and reliable.
There has installed with waste gas exhaust system.

Optical cleaning machine electrical control box:

1, The control system set up control box, with function of PLC control system.

2, Control fluid and the heating anomalies emergency stop, and set the sound and light alarm.

3, Two side of device set up the emergency stop button and alarm devices.

4, Ultrasonic power and temperature parameters can be locked.

5, With separate electronic control box, circuit aspects of functional block, strong, weak block, easy to maintain.

6, Various cable adopt durable corrosion cable, waterproof pipe routing.

7, Stainless steel rod float level gauge or level switch.