Plating equipment mechanical type:

Plating equipment is general call of combination of the relevant plating tank (bath), plating parts lifting devices, electrical control equipment, power supply equipments, plating rectifier, filter, testing equipment, heating and cooling equipment, barrel drive system, air agitation system, as well as online pollution control facility, based on a certain requirements of electro plating technical processes. Plating equipment are generally to classify by their structure, plating workpiece racking and hanging method.

By structure features can be divided into:

linear (programmable crane style) automatic line and circulation (oval shape, U-shape) electroplating machine;

By plating parts loading methods, can be divided in:

hanging plating (rack electro plating), barrel plating machines, and continuous wire plating automatic line;

According to plating coating layer, can be divided to:

galvanized plating, copper-nickel-chromium electro plating and aluminum oxidation.

To choose suitable structure of plating production lines, we must consider factors of production scale, equipment investment, online loading rate for each device, factory daily management and maintenance level, as well as possibilities of changes for technological process and adjustment.

In short, select the appropriate electroplating equipment, you need guidance from professional manufacturer and engineers, then this project can be more effective, saving investment cost and time for you, and more important you can get satisfied final products.

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