Pulse plating power supply usage:

Available for gold, silver, precious metals, nickel, zinc, tin, chromium and alloys electro plating; electric for copper, nickel, etc; electrolysis capacitance; alumina, titanium and other products anodizing; electrolytic polishing for precision parts; battery charging etc..


1, With dual function of pulse and pole reverse;
2, Positive & Negative pulse parameters can be adjustable individually;
3, Our pulse plating power supply can be used as two single pulse plating power supply at the same time;
4, Can control the crystal orientation of plating coating layer;
5, Multi output functions, multi-parameters;
6, Has peak current protection and operating fault protection.

Pulse plating power supply function:

1, Cycle pole switching pulse electroplating;
2, Two single pulse current and dc current;
3, DC superimposed pulse;
4, DC and pulse pole reverse;
5, Intermittent pulse plating;
6, Symmetrical or asymmetrical square wave AC current.

Pulse plating power supply electroplating fundamental principles:

When pulse plating power supply under conditions of plating process, current turn on, the electrochemical polarization increases, the area near the cathode metal ions are deposited sufficient, plating layer crystalline meticulous, brightness; when the pulse plating power supply current turn off, then near the cathode region discharge plasma then returned to the initial concentration, eliminate concentration polarization.
Periodic pole reverse pulse plating used to call double (ie dual-directional) pulse plating, which after a set of positive pulse current output then introduction of a set of reverse pulse current, positive pulse duration long and reverse pulse duration is short. height non-uniform anode current distribution caused by a large margin, short time reverse pulse is strongly dissolved then levelling. Which this is a typical cycle pole reverse pulse.

Pulse plating power supply