Rectifiers control functions:



According to the requirements of electro plating process, the rectifiers of DC power supply is often to complete the following control functions:
Constant current automatic control, constant voltage automatic control, automatic constant current constant voltage control, constant current density control and ampere hour control.

Rectifiers input output voltage changing details:

In order to improve the power factor of whole rectifiers machine, silicon rectifiers adopt non control rectification, its output voltage/current feedback to the phase shift control. According to the different requirements of current and voltage for plating machine, change the thyristor voltage regulator phase shift control angle, therefore to change rectifiers input and output voltage, i.e., change the DC output voltage or current of rectifiers.

The electric power supply is different from the general electric power supply for steel plating machine. In the case of the plating process, the supply of a single phase alternating current can be adjusted, in the case of constant electric power, and by the exchange of the electric current, which is converted into direct current.

Using of large current density rectifiers:

In the direct current plating machine, metal ions in the electrolyte are obtained from the cathode which is plated on the cathode. Such that the concentration of metal ions in the electrolyte near the cathode is decreased, which slows down the rate of deposition. Therefore, the use of the larger current density of the current density rectifiers not only raise the speed of the plating, but the amount of hydrogen on the cathode increased, the current efficiency is reduced, and the quality of the plating coating deteriorated.

Rectifiers Specification and parameter:

Rectifiers Input voltageSingle phase 220V AC, 3 phase 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz, suggest use 3 phase
Output voltage6V/12V/15V/18V/24V/36V/48V optional or according to customers’ request
Output current0-1000A (Random optional)
Voltage stability≤1%
Current stability≤1%
Ripple factor1%-2%
 Stabilization modeCurrent stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment rangeVoltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling systemAir cooling/Water cooling/Oil cooling
Control methodManual/PLC
Display contentsVoltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error, etc..
Protection methodInput over voltage/Under voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature-20-50℃
Ambient temperature-30-65℃
Ambient humidity≤90%
Working loadingFull capacity operation, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, reduced load operation

Rectifiers Package details:

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    I need power suplly for electro plating for chrome plating ,nickel ,and more 1000A from 0 to 24v dc. Let me know it’s price, warranty, lead time and shipment to Pakistan

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