We know every home need shower hose to take a comfortable shower after you exercise or when you back to home tired from work.

But how we how we choose a good shower hose?
① Check coating color degrees, the good one is brightness consistency and no obvious defect by naked eye.
② Compare coating film adhesion, and contrast detection using physical test.
③ Comparison of various plating thickness: which is thickness of coating copper, nickel, chromium with apparatus measuring.
④ The comparison of coating corrosion resistance: tested by salt spray test machine, while under the same condition, the corrosion resistance test duration more longer, the better the effect of electroplating.

As we can see, the shower hose plating machines are the key important for shower hose.

Shower hose normally made by stainless steel and the plating processes is based on chrome plating, which as follows (This maybe different based on different products):

Loading——Degreasing——Activation——Rinse——Soak——Rinse——Nuetralization——Water rinse——Acid copper——Rinse——Brightness nickel electro plating——Water rinse——Chromium plating——Drying…….

Stainless steel contains large amount of chromium and nickel, but thin passivation oxides film composed of in the SS surface.
So in general electroplating process of low carbon steel, general by using of degreasing – pickling (activating), since in this plating process can not obtain good electro plating adhesiveness, thus in stainless steel plating, in order to remove film completely, and to prevent the regeneration of the passive film, must need an activation process.

If you choose us, we could help you solve every detail on shower hose plating.

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  1. Azeez Moiz
    Azeez Moiz says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have started manufacturing Stainless shower hoses in egypt. And have tried with many plating companies for the chrome plating. I am not satisfied with the out come.
    The hoses are not smooth and the finish is bluish white.
    Please help me to understand the process of chrome plating as i would like to start doing it in my factory itself.
    Thank You and awaiting for your favouble response and would like to know if you can supply with the whole project.
    with regards
    Azeez Moiz
    Al Qadr Co.,
    Aburawash Industrial Zone, Cairo

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