Silicon control rectifier

silicon control rectifier is the rectifier device which convert alternating current into direct current, it can be used for power supply unit and detecting radio signals. Silicon control rectifier can be made by vacuum tube, igniting tube, solid state silicon semiconductor diode, mercury arc and others. In contrast, a set of machine make direct current into AC power, is called as “inverter.”

Silicon control rectifier description:

1, The main rectifier circuit according to the connection points:
A. Dual band star balancing reactor;
B. Reverse-phase or three-phase bridge in parallel with dual star balancing reactor;
C. In phase anti-parallel three-phase bridge type;
D. Six-phase dual anti-star circuit;
E. Twelve-phase dual band star balancing reactor, power components using high-power thyristors.

2, Rectifier transformers use high permeability 0.27mm or 0.35mm, undirected cold-rolled silicon steel, designed as five-leg three-phase input, the initial stage with low resistivity and oxygen-free copper wire wound; main transformer using two vacuum impregnation and drying, its security and stability factor has been effective protected.

3, Cooling method is divided into self outdoor cooled, air cooling, water-cooling, oil water cooling and other process can be choosen based on customers’ requirements.

4, With working status of cycle reversing, positive and reverse three options, the positive and negative switching time, voltage, current can be arbitrarily set, can automatically change the polarity of the output current, help to increase the plating coating film hardness, density and brightness.

5, The three-phase integrated trigger control panel using advanced technology, with multiple protection measures, is all new and efficient anti-jamming red trigger circuit, its performance is very advanced; trigger control circuit and regulator integrated, digitized, and using computer optimized design great board structure, high reliability and easy to detect debugging.

6, With automatic timer function, can achieve better control of the quality of the column coating thickness, hardness, wear resistance, etc., can add different functions depending on the user’s process requirements.

7, Silicon control rectifier with features of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, pressure decreases, the element temperature is too high, lack of equal protection aspects and functions of the respective fault alarm; can set up multiple sets of technology programs, such as current, voltage, pulse, time, ampere-hour meter, etc., and modify call carried out.

8, Remote control box can be realized and centralized control, according to user requirements using the PLC programmable controllers relay operation, protection of process automation.

9, Our scr rectifier product by computer cabinet standardized design, the overall box seal design, structure has taken anti-salt spray acidification measures taken by local plastic parts structure, both anti-corrosion and beautiful, at the same time substantially overcomes the large magnetic field eddy current heating impact, and equipment small consumption loss, high efficiency.

10, SCR power suuply with soft-start function to prevent transient current startup rectifier damage, and avoid burning the workpiece.

11, The maximum number of output ripple output ≤5%, ≤3%, ≤2%, ≤1%.

12, Silicon controlled rectifier can be loaded with the long-term, safe and reliable operation.

13, Thyristor rectifier output DC current: 100A-50000A

14, Silicon control power supply utput DC voltage: 0-12V, 8V, 24V-500V, etc., according to process requirements.

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  1. Royce Hamer
    Royce Hamer says:

    I need two diodes, identification of failed units are ( GE type C137M) 600 volt SEC 35 amp (RMS MAX
    CAN you help or point me in the right direction? Thanks Royce Hamer Ontario Canada, I am making this inquiry on behalf of a friend that has no computer. thanks. Out of an Linde welder

  2. James
    James says:

    Good day.
    Iam looking for these two Phase Control Thyristors. Send me Quotation if you can source them.
    1. Phase Control Thyristor. Temperature: -40 to +125 degrees Celsius. Gate voltage: 5V, Current rating: Max 3012A, Voltage 2400V, Part number N3012ZC240

    2. Phase Control Thyristor. Temperature: -40 to +125 degrees Celsius. Gate voltage: 5V, Current rating: Max 5177A, Voltage 2800V, Part number N5117FC280


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