Dived to 3 type: 500VA/300W 12VDC; 1200VA/700W 12VDC; 2000VA/1200W,24VDC AC;
Input as wide input range, 4-level regulator, 3 step-up voltage 1 step-down voltage function;
Output frequency with automatic detection, the inverter output frequency changes with the mains frequency.
Application scope:
Solar generate system.

Product main function:

This series machines are divided into 3 models: 500VA / 300W 12VDC; 1200VA / 700W 12VDC; 2000VA / 1200W 24VDC;

AC input as wide input range, has 4-level regulator, 3 step-up voltage, and 1 step-down voltage function;

The output frequency is automatic detection, inverter output frequency changes with the mains frequency;

AC charging function and PV charging complementary, when there is PV charging, the city charge closed;

PV controller display status for the LED display, very intuitive to see the machine working state;

The machine shell with PV priority and priority to set the switch, customers can according to the actual need to make appropriate settings;

Machine inverter part can be displayed on the LCD. Display includes AC input voltage, AC output voltage, battery capacity, load capacity, and fault display.