Companies specializing in supply stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic washing machine for stainless steel bottle. It is widely used in auto parts and other industries. We won praise users.

Our stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine with great performance, competitive prices, using international advanced this multi-transducer, high- quality generator, with safe, reliable and economic characteristics, and improve after-sales service, won customers of all ages.

Stainless steel bottle liner ultrasonic cleaning machine features:

  • Ultrasonic frequency is low, which as low as 28KHZ, strong cleaning ability, large power, suitable for cleaning metal parts;
  • Good drying system;
  • Man-machine interface, simple and easy to operate;
  • PLC control, high degree of automation;
  • Using automatic mechanical arm hand shift, smooth running, reliable and accurate;
  • Use upper and lower throwing washing, more conducive to the rapid and uniform wafer cleaning;
  • Adopt high-precision filter step by step to ensure a clean wash;
  • Using instant hot water heater supply, combined with a slow pull water to achieve rapid dehydration;
  • Purifying hot air drying tunnel to ensure wafer drying;
  • The adoption of international advanced more transducer, strong shock and uniform;
  • Our unique generator using digital, full-featured, high degree of automation;
  • Tanks are use SUS316 stainless steel tank, corrosion-resistant, long life;
  • Into ultrasonic shock board, less reduction of ultrasonic energy, easy maintenance;
  • Extremely high pure water overflow, less waste water;
  • Servo motor, fast and smooth;
  • SUS304 stainless steel square pass;
  • Multi-frequency, clean thoroughly;
  • External mechanical hand, then will not contaminate the cleaning solution;
  • Using a dedicated wash basket, drain and good;
  • Has access of materials, loading and unloading is very convenient;
  • Omron digital temperature control, precise temperature control;
  • Brand-name appliances, control the accuracy, long life;
  • It looks simple and beautiful.