Stainless steel electrolytic polishing:

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing machine mainly for stainless steel parts surface brightness treatment. Stainless steel electro polishing use workpiece as an anode, insoluble metal as cathode, 2 poles immersed in the bath at the same time, with direct current to generate selective anodic dissolution, the workpieces surface will gradually leveling, so as to increase surface brightness effect.

Rectifier: 3 phase 380V, rectifier current, according to customer workpiece size. Operating voltage 8-20v.

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing principle:

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing major recognized theory is mucosal theory. Which is: the metal ion break away from workpiece with phosphoric acid form a layer of phosphate film adsorbed on workpieces surface, this mucous membrane is thinner in the projections while thicker in recess, because the projections high current density then dissolved quickly, with the mucous membrane fluidity, changing irregularities, the roughened surface is gradually become leveling process.

Stainless steel electro polishing advantages:

⑴ Same color of inside and outside, gloss retention, mechanical polishing can not get the recess be leveled.
⑵ High production efficiency, low cost.
⑶ Increase surface corrosion resistance, suitable for all stainless steel.

Stainless steel electroplating polishing conditions required:

Power waveform requirements are not strict, can choose of SCR type or high frequency plating rectifier.

Electropolishing tank and mating facilities (anode rod):

Hard PVC plates welded together. Bath top 3 electrode rods, the middle of movable anode rod, then connect with anode (or positive), both sides as cathode pole, connect with power cathode (negative).

Facilities of heating and cooling equipment:

① Heating can use quartz heating tube, or titanium heating tube.
② Cooling can use coil tube, heating coil can heat and cool.

Stainless steel polishing machine hanger:

It is best to select titanium hanger, because titanium is more resistant to corrosion, long serve life, titanium ions has no effect on the bath. It is suggested not to use copper hanger, because when copper ions into stainless steel surface will generate a layer of bad bonding force copper layer, then impact the polishing quality.

Anode and cathode materials:

Cathode and anode rods adopt copper or brass, brass tube length plus 20cm longer than electrolytic bath, cathode plate use lead plate, fixed to the cathode rod, height plus 10 cm than tank height, lead plate width decided according to bath length, generally 10cm, 20cm.

Stainless steel polishing machine mainly for stainless steel parts surface brightness treatment. Stainless steel workpiece are 200 series, 300 series, 400 series material, each serie has the targeted electro polishing chemical solution.

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing process: degreasing – washing – anti rust – washing – electrolytic polishing – washing – passivation – packaging.
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    I would like to start a business of pull-out Crome plated stainless steel wire racks in Melbourne, Australia. So can I please get a quote for stainless steel electrolytic polishing machine.

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  3. Victoria Addington
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    I liked how this post pointed out that stainless steel electropolishing can improve an equipment’s resistance to corrosion. My friend told me that their project requires industrial polishing equipment. I should advise him to turn to a company that specializes in metallographic preparation.

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