Swing plating new type machine:

The new type of swing plating equipment machine, including the rack, rack is provided with a swing frame, swing set frame provided with a plurality of conductive symmetrical V-Block set, each conducting symmetrical V-block seat installed with products hanger, while the product hanger located on plating bath, also equipped with swing mechanism;

Swing plating machine mechanism structure:

Swing machine mechanism comprises centric wheels which swing set 4 frame bottoms, four eccentric wheel drived by swing driving motor for synchronizing & homodromous swing.
Making the product hanger swing plating uniform in plating solution, and the plating solution surround with workpieces update rate will be more fast, plating solution surface contact with parts will be more uniform, reducing the cathode surface swing dead angle, reducing the concentration polarization, so can use a high density current plating method, thus speeding up the deposition rate of the metal ion, plating efficiency can be improved to obtain better electroplating coating film quality.

Swing plating machine application:

Swing plating also called as electroplating rotating head, the device looks good, with the best performance, full-featured functions, is widely used in chemical and electroplating production, especially for copper swing electro plating, nickel plating, gold electroplating, silver, chromium and other processes have better improve:
1. Equipped with automatic and manual control functions, drived by the trigger signal, to achieve automatic rotating head work, will be automatically stop when no plating, to save energy;
2. Automatic alarm function, at a preset time arrive, there will be an automatic alarm to reminder staff pick up the goods, by mean of this, can accurately control the plating time;
3. With adjustable rotation speed regulator, can be adjusted according to the requirements of the rotation speed;
4. Has the return regulator, you can control the head being transferred back period.