If you don’t have specific requirements, we can customize-made ultrasonic plate according to your request (non-standard ultrasonic machine).
Non-standard custom-made single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can follow the actual needs of users based on slot size, material, power, frequency to supply ultrasonic cleaning machine in different configurations.

Ultrasonic plate features:

1, A thickening tank of stainless steel SUS304;
2, The ultrasonic plate power can be adjusted from 0-100%, frequency as 28Khz, 40Khz optionally for different cleaning requirements, completely solve the cleaning blind area;
3, Heating system from 30-110 ℃ adjustable;
4, Twenty-four hours of continuous work, to adapt high-volume cleaning;
5, Advanced second-generation generator, unique sweep function, the conversion efficiency can reach 97%;
6, High-volume production lines, high quality and consistency, cost control is good;
7, High level medical casters, standard SUS304 stainless steel wash basket;
8, Specially designed split ultrasonic generator, easy operation and display, adapt to wet and corrosive wroking environment;
9, Independent heating switch installed on the right position of machine, selectively open the heating switch, there is water proof plate upon on the heating switch;
10, Over high pressure safety transducer.

Ultrasonic plate applications industry:

1, Aviation: main clean fuel filters, engines, wheels, brake systems, bearings, heat exchangers, flow control devices, oxides of gyroscopes, satellites, aircraft hydraulic systems, dust, chips, rust, carbon, scale ect.;
2, Electronics: all kinds of PCB (printed circuit board) cleaning after soldering flux, impurities, cleaning electronic components manufacturing; rosin, spot welding; high pressure contacts, and other electronics parts etc.;
3, Microelectronics: wafer, semiconductor material cleaning;
4, Office and communications equipment: copiers and printers tubes, computer power supply, chassis, circuit boards, metal parts, etc;
5, Railway vehicles: locomotive engine, vehicle brake, bearing, bus exchanger, connecting rods, fasteners and other.