Water cooling chiller:

Chiller commonly known as freezer, refrigerator, ice water machine, cold water machine, cooler, etc., because of more extensive application of all walks of life, so the name was also more numerous. Its nature principle is a versatile machine, removed the liquid vapor by compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. Vapor compression chillers include four main components of: vapor compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, metering device to achieve a different refrigerant. Absorption chillers using water as a refrigerant, and rely on between water and lithium bromide solution, in order to achieve the cooling effect is very strong affinity.

Water cooling chiller specification:

Chiller is generally used in air conditioning units and industrial cooling. In air conditioning systems, chilled water is usually assigned to the cooling heat exchanger or coils in air handling units or other types of terminal equipment in their respective space and cooling water re-circulated back to cool for cooling. In industrial applications, chilled water or other liquids cooling pump through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial water cooling chiller is used to control the products, mechanisms and factory machinery cooling.

Water cooling chiller more higher energy efficiency than air cooling chillier:

Chiller refrigeration form can generally be divided to the water cooling chiller and air-cooled chillers, technically, water cooling chiller of 300-500’s kcal/h more higher than air-cooled chiller energy efficiency; the price, water is much lower than the air-cooled chiller; On installation, water cooling towers need to be included before use for water cooling chiller, while air cooling chiller is movable, no other assistance, but air cooling chiller just by fan for air cooling, and has requirements on the environment, for example: ventilation, humidity, temperature not higher than 40 ° C, air pH, etc.. While water cooling chiller is more easy for this.

Freeze mediumWater, DI water, saline water, glycol, dilute suphuric acid, electroplating solution, etc..
Input power supply3Phase 380V/50HZ
Complete power (kw)3.024.967.619.7511.215.315.719.922.429.630.235.1
Complete current (A)5.328.7513.517.219.42427.435.139.852.357.664.2
CompressorShapeWhole sealing scroll compressor
Water pumpShapeHigh efficiency, low noise centrifugal inline pump
Copper core wiring spec44661010101616252525
CondenserShapeHigh efficiency copper pipe good quality advanced fins type
Total air capacity (×103M3)36913.117.421.621.624.430384557
Fins space(mm)2.1
EvaporatorShapeHigh efficiency rifled pipe, ambrose alloy, aldurbra, titanium alloy, tubular U evaporator
Water discharge (m3)
Water connection size (mm)DN25DN40DN50DN65
Water tank capacity60160250300
Throttle modeCapillary outer balanced type expansion valve
Safety protectionWater pump chain protection, leakage, overload, overpressure, reverse protection, coolants abmormal protection, compressor overtemperature preotection, anti-icing protection, water shartage protection.
Overrall dimensionsLength (mm)100011501400140016501650165020002000240025002500
Width (mm)65065085085085085085010001000100015001500
Height (mm)125012501560156015601560156016501650168018001800
Weight (kg)160210330360435495530585655720850960
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