Water cooling screw chiller unit features:
Use famous twin screw refrigeration compressor, with features of high efficiency, low noise, low wear and long service life.
Water cooling screw chiller shell tube type condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers with bilateral strengthen significantly improve heat transfer efficiency, the evaporator inlet is specially designed, so that the refrigerant distribution within each pipe is more uniform; compact heat exchanger structure, removable plate end, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Part of water cooling screw chiller designed to control with dual thermostatic expansion valve, to ensure that the load of energy efficiency, making the system suitable for a wider working conditions, cold capacity control higher precision regulatio, and the unit has to work in a reliable and efficient state all the time.

Control unit electrical components are international brand-name products, the use of big PLC screen, display a variety of information in English man-machine interface touch screen controller, intuitive operation, the unit normal operation, setting parameters, fault alarm directly in English and is reflected in control on screen, making the unit is more easy to understand. The unit automatically adjust of system run time according to the operating conditions of the compressor, meet the needs of cooling load changes, to maximize energy savings, savings maintenance cost and operating costs.

Comprehensive security protection of water cooling screw chiller:
1, Exhaust valve: compressor running stops to protect against high-pressure exhaust gas back end.
2, Phase sequence protection: to prevent the grid overvoltage, undervoltage, phase lack protection, reverse phase protection, damage to the compressor.
3, Heating oil protection: before running water cooling screw chiller, forcing set oil heating procedures to ensure that the oil dilution and liquidity to meet the lubrication conditions before running.
4, Internal compressor motor winding thermal protection: to prevent the compressor due to the load too large or poor working conditions caused by the coil temperature is high and then burn the compressor.
5, High and low pressure protection: when harsh and fault conditions, the high and low pressure switch operation protection, to protect compressor and system security.
6, Safety valve: ensure condenser in a safe working range.
7, Water protection: to prevent the operation of the unit without water.
8, Anti-icing protection: to prevent the water temperature is too low when the unit is running, formation of ice inside the evaporator and evaporator damage.
9, Overload protection: soft and hard double protection to ensure the safety of the compressor overload.
10, Compressor oil pressure protection: when the water cooling screw chiller is running, due to poor system oil, resulting in insufficient oil pressure, timely protection of the compressor.
11, Oil level protection: when compressor system is short of oil in a timely manner to protect the compressor.
12, Cooling tower fan overload: ensure that the cooling tower motor overload safety.

Our water cooling screw chiller are widely used: aluminum oxide, aluminum hard oxidization, plating machine, plastics, injection molding, extrusion, foam machine, blowing machine laminating machine, leather embossing machine, laminate flooring, bio-food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and other industries.