Nickel plating machine:

Mainly used for decorative protective coatings. For iron matrix, nickel plating coating film is cathodic type coating. Because of its high porosity, so shall use copper layer as underlying or adopt multi-layer nickel plating. Nickel plating coating layer not bright from the ordinary plating solution, but easy to polish.
Using Ssome brightener can achieve mirror-bright nickel layer. Which is widely used in automobile, bicycle, watch, medical equipment, instrumentation, and household hardware and so on. Part of sulfate-containing sulotion called as sulfate – chloride solution, known as “watt” nickel plating solution, and it is the most widely used in the production.

Nickel plating machine principle:

A method by electrochemically action, deposited layer of nickel on ferrous metal or non-ferrous workpiece surface. Can be used as a surface coating, but mainly for chromium base, to prevent corrosion and increase wear resistance, gloss and appearance looking.Nickel plating is widely used in machinery, equipment, instruments, medical equipment, home appliances, and other manufacturing industries. Use parts for as cathode, pure nickel plate as anode, hang into the solution configurated by nickel sulfate, sodium chloride and boric acid as electrolyte to conduct plate. If add naphthalene disulfonic acid sodium, saccharin, coumarin, p-toluene sulfonamides brightener in the plating solution, can be directly obtained brightness nickel plating layer without mechanical polishing.

Nickel plating in PCB:

Befor gold plating – electroless nickel.
In PCB production, electroless nickel plating is generally done for the next step of gold, of course, there is also a simple nickel plating. Why should the first layer of metal nickel plated before gold plating? It depends on the reactivity of metals, after nickel plating, to ensure the stability of product.

Nickel plating machine

Nickel plating machine