Plating machine supplier introduction:

Phorzoom is a professional plating machine supplier of electroplating equipment manufacturing, with years resource of plating on-site technical control and equipment design experience, and keeping learning advanced design concept, coupled with the tireless efforts of our staff, then developed and produced various types of high quality and stable products, to ensure our customers with a hardware guarantee. We would like to communicate with our customers, that integrate of all our technology and intelligence according with your needs, to pursuit the best value for our customers. We guarantee that customers will continue to provide new value from our continuous development.

Plating machine philosophy:

Company uphold the quality of survival, innovation and development of business purposes, pay close attention to products quality and after-service, based on locally, while in the country gradually to the world.

Plating machine products:

cantilever rack plating production lines, vertical lifting ring hanging plating production lines, plating jigs, drying ovens, plating rectifier, industrial waste gas and waste water treatment equipment.

Plating machine processing is the main technology in whole production process. According to the requirements of treatment parts, targeted to choose one or several single metal or alloy metal to conduct electroplating process or dipping plating for workpieces, in order to achieve anti-corrosion, wear resistance and beautiful purpose. The plating treatment process equipment mainly include all kinds of fixing plating bath, barrel plating tank, rack, basket etc..

Some times customers often think that plating machine just a piece of equipment, give us product requirements, then as electroplating machine manufacturer we can provide them the machinery they need, then they will be able to plate qualified products after purchasing our device.But this idea is not comprehensive, because electro plating equipment is a system not simple just machine, it is closely related with customer adoption plating technical treat process, nature of products, electroplating engineers work habits, before and after the matching treatment processing methods.

For example: each plating type will develop a variety of main salt system and with its support of additive systems. Such as zinc plating machine has cyanide galvanized zinc, zinc salts zinc, zinc chloride (or potassium galvanizing. ), ammonium salts of zinc, sulfate zinc and other systems. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as cyanide zinc liquid dispersing ability and depth of ability, fine crystalline plating coating, combined with good bonding force with base material, good corrosion resistance, a wide range of treat technology, the bath solution stability and easy operation, not too sensitive to impurities etc., but seriously toxic, polluting to environment. Zinc chloride solution is free of complexing salt single bath chemical solution, easy waste water treatment, coating bright and leveling system better than other, current efficiency high, deposition speed fast, low hydrogen over potential, such as high carbon steel, castings, forgings easy to plate, but because of weak acid of chlorine ions have some corrosion to electroplating equipment. On the one hand will cause some corrosion to plating plant line, on the other hand no suitable to add an auxiliary anode hole or tubular parts.

Only customers combine with their own situation, we can provide you the most appropriate plating machine, then you can plating the desired effect you want.

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  1. Kete
    Kete says:

    We need a semi-auto 9-tank barrel type copper coating line. Capacity is 300-500kg per 8 hour shift. Item to be coated is 8mm x 15mm Lead cylinder shape. Max height of lifter not to exceed 2.7m (ceiling height). and 10m floor length. We also need a steady supply of the best copper anode in China and chemicals.

  2. THANH
    THANH says:

    Dear Sirs

    How are you? I hope you are well & our customer need the system for plating line as in attach file. could you please help check and give us your quotation

    Thank you

  3. Mejanur Rahman
    Mejanur Rahman says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are the supplier of Bangladesh . supplied several items, raw materials, chemicals and machines

    This year they have plans to install several production lines and purchase several machines as listed below through international tender. Some of them already published
    Tender No Details
    70 Establishment of Automatic Phosphating Line , Qty 01 No
    47 Automatic Oxidizing Plant with PLC Control Qty 01 Plant
    89 Establishment of Automatic Digital Electro Plating Plant Qty 01 Plant

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