Portable plating experimental power supply


Portable plating experimental power supplyPortable plating experimental power supply usage:

This product is based on actual production of plating and electroplating additive manufacturers to research and develop, which is especially for portable, used for production site Hull tank test plate and tank solution failure analysis.

Portable plating experimental power supply features:

Portable plating experimental power supply has features of small volume, portable, simple operation, digital display, etc.; therefore has been widely used to study the impact of solution main component and additives, to find out the cause of solution failure and so on. That is an essential laboratory test equipment for electroplating technician and plating additive manufacturers home coating solution maintenance, monitoring, modification and analysis.

Portable plating experimental power supply technical parameters:

Input voltage: 220V±10%(AC),50~60Hz;

Output DC voltage: 0-12V,0-15V(DC) (Two options);

Output DC current: 0-10A,0-20A(DC) (Two options);

Measurement timing range: 99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds;

Input power: 30w~330w;

Dimensions: 250mm×210mm×120mm (including foot pad and terinmals);

Main functions: 1, stepless adjustment; 2, digital voltage and current; 3, digital timer; 4, constant voltage/constant current;

5, timing alarm function; 6, air agitation; 7, tank heating; 8, soft start; 9, protection for current limiting, over-current, short circuit.

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  1. Dan Chuppa
    Dan Chuppa says:

    I am a novice plater can you recommend what type of machine I would need to nickel plate a gun or gold jewelry silver jewelry platinum jewelry I would prefer a bath machine for home use 120v-220v adjustability on amps. Any advice would be great. Thank you for your time

  2. Yoni Triono
    Yoni Triono says:

    Dear Sir,
    I interest with rectifier for Lab use, for Hull cell test out put DC 20 Amp and 15 Volt, input AC 220 volt.
    please send me Tech info / brocure and quotation.

    Yoni. T

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