A. Rectifier usage:

Input voltage: AC 110V/220V/AC380V/AC440V (Can be designed based on customers’ requirements). Output characteristics: Constant current/Constant voltage convertible (0~rating value). Output waveform: high frequency square wave, DC and superimposed waveform.

Rectifier is a rectifying device, in brief it is high frequency switching power supply unit which can convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). It has 2 main functions: first, make alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), supply to load or inverter after smoothing; second, to provide charging voltage to battery. Therefore, rectifiers also act as a charger.

Rectifier high quality components:

Adopts high quality IGBT as main power devices, uses ultracrystalline (also known as nanocrystals) soft magnetic alloy as main transformer core, the main control system uses multi-loop control technology, while in structure adopts acidic salt mist measure. Power supply products structure reasonable, high reliability. Our power supply with advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability and superior performance become SCR (silicon controlled) power supply replacements. Applicable to all kinds of precision surface treatments, such as: experiments, oxidation, electrolysis, zinc, nickel, tin, chrome, optical, smelting, formation, corrosion and other disposal sites. In anodizing machine, vacuum coating, electrolysis plating, electrophoresis, water treatment system, electronic products aging, electric heating, electrochemical and other aspects have also obtained users praise. Especially in PCB plating, electroplating equipment, electrolysis industry, as customers preferred products.


B. Rectifier characteristic:

1, Small size, light weight: size and weight of thyristor rectifier type 1/5-1/10, which is easy for you to planning, expansion, moving, maintenance and installation.
2, Energy saving effect: because of adopting high frequency switching power supply transformer, the conversion efficiency is greatly improved, under normal circumstances, compared with SCR equipment can improve efficiency more than 10%, under load rate of 70% can improve efficiency over 30% more compared with SCR equipment.
3, High output stability: due to system high response speed (microsecond level), our rectifier has strong adaptability to electricity network and load changes, and the output even can accuracy better than 1%. With high efficiency of switching power supply, then high precision control, will improve the quality of products.
4, Easy modulation of output waveform: due to high working frequency, the relatively cost is low of output waveform adjusting processing, can be more easily to change output waveform in accordance with users’ requirements. By this, will have a stronger effect to increase efficiency quality on work site, and improve the processing product quality.

C. Rectifier application features:

1, Reduce porosity, the rate of nuclei formation is greater than growth rate, then prompting nuclei refinement.
2, Improve binding force, make the passive film breakdown, which is favor for strong bond between substrate and coating layer film.
3, Improve coverage and dispersion capacity, high cathodic negative ( electric ) potential can make ordinary plating passivation deposition section site can also deposition.
4, Reduce the internal stress of the coating, improve lattice defects, impurities, voids, build-up, etc., easy to obtain crack-free coating film, reducing additive.
5, Be beneficial to obtain a stable alloy plating coating composition.
6, Improve anode dissolution, no need anode activator.
7, Improve plating coating mechanical properties, such as increasing density, reduce surface and volume resistivity, improve toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of electroplating coating can be controlled.

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  1. brijesh
    brijesh says:

    looking for IGBT RECTIFIER
    Input — 3 phase, 4400VAC +/-10%
    Output — 0 – 12VDC Adjustable, 3000A Adjustable
    Digital Display for voltage and current
    With POLARITY reverssing function
    cantrol – remort
    Protection — Input over voltage, Under voltage
    Output over current,
    short-circuit,over heat
    Application — HARD CHROME PLATING.

  2. Aye Han soe
    Aye Han soe says:

    Hello I am looking for 200 amp rectifier for chrome plating. Input 220 volts Out put 12 or 15 volts.
    0 to 200 amp adjustable. Please give me quotation.

  3. Aye Han soe
    Aye Han soe says:

    I am looking for plating rectifier

    For chrome plating in put 220 volts
    Out put 0 to 12 volts amp 10 to 200 amp adjustable.
    Please quote me.
    I am from myanmar.

  4. manohar
    manohar says:

    We require a rectifier for 2 drum bdg-50 china model.
    our current is between 415v-440v. for usage in nigeria. Please can you quote for it.
    Manohar Tejwani

  5. Abid Lodhi
    Abid Lodhi says:

    1530ASML for IGBT Power Supply.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    UNISONS are pleased to request you to quote on the item as details hereunder:

    SPEIFICATION: 3*107uF ±10%, 690VAC/1100VDC,
    TYPE: MP9-20934K

    Please, quote your lowest possible prices on FOB & CFR Karachi basis separately. Also please indicate the H.S Code of the Item.

    Awaiting for your positive response.

  6. Paul W Subrani.
    Paul W Subrani. says:

    I am looking for 500.Amp rectifier for my nickel plating bath, I would prefer a digital panel control signal better and it can be single phase or three phase in-put not a problem. Would you care to quote and inform me how long does it take order and how long it would be for shipment to Bali, Indonesia ?
    Hope to receive your soon reply, please reach me at my email address. thank you Paul.

    RAJENDRA says:

    Input – 1 phase, 220VAC +/-10%
    Output – 0 – 1.5VDC Adjustable, 400A Adjustable
    Digital Display for voltage and current
    With Automatic reverse polarity function
    Protection – Input overvoltage, Under voltage
    Output over current,
    short-circuit,over heat
    Application – ESD based water treatment plant

  8. Surin Chitsakulporn
    Surin Chitsakulporn says:

    Dear sir
    Could you pls quote me one unit of AC-DC rectifier Primaly AC 380V 3ph. Secondary DC 20V 3000amps. Apply for aluminium anodizing line. Pls also inform the power consumption per hrs for the unit.
    Thank you

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Dear CHARITY

      Thanks for your inquiry of our rectifier.

      In order to provide suitable rectifier, we’d like to know more details:
      Input voltage in your side?
      Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz?
      Output voltage of rectifier?
      Output current of rectifier?
      Pls inform us the application of rectifier?

      If you have any question and problem, please feel free to let us know.

      Best regards!
      Mr. Chen

      Add: Zhejiang province, China.
      Tel: +86574 62240271
      Mobile: +86 139 8931 0058
      Skype: live:allensoar
      Web: https://www.platingmachines.com/rectifier

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Dear mohamed

      Thanks for your inquiry of our rectifier.
      But you don’t give email address, I am not sure if could reach you?

      Regarding the rectifier:
      Input voltage? Three-Phase? 220V.
      Frequency: 50Hz
      Output voltage? 48VDC?
      Output current?

      Looking forward your further information.
      Best regards!

      Mr. Chen

      Add: Zhejiang province, China.
      Tel: +86574 62240271
      Mobile: +86 139 8931 0058
      Skype: live:allensoar
      Web: https://www.platingmachines.com/rectifier

  9. Harunur Rashid
    Harunur Rashid says:

    I am looking for Rectifier:

    108V 3way 1ph Indoor H1300

    AC Input: 230 VAC

    Frequency: 47-63 HZ

    AC Current: 38.7A

    DC Output: 110V,

    DC Output Current 40A VDC

    Ripple Voltage 1%


  10. Mr Emmanuel Mosekwa
    Mr Emmanuel Mosekwa says:

    Universal DC Power Supply Charger
    >Input: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
    >Output: 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V,
    >Reversible Polarity
    >Current Rating: Minimum 500mA

    • Chen
      Chen says:

      Mr Emmanuel Mosekwa

      Thanks for your inquiry of our power supply.
      Pls provide more details:

      >Input: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
      >Output: 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V,
      Do you want adjustable model?
      Output voltage: 0-24V, ok for you?

      >Reversible Polarity:
      Do you mean pole switching?

      >Current Rating: Minimum 500mA
      Pls tell me the max current?
      We can provide you adjustable model, such as 0-100A.

      Looking forward your further information.

      Best regards!

      Mr. Chen

      Add: Zhejiang province, China.
      Mobile: +86 139 8931 0058
      Skype: live:allensoar
      Web: https://www.platingmachines.com/rectifier

  11. nelly
    nelly says:

    I’m looking for rectifier:
    Input max 51.6KVA. Voltage 3x380V AC +-10%
    Current Max 78.5A AC. Freq :50 HZ +- 6% or better.
    Out Put:110 V DC +- 1%(Adjustable) Current 100A DC total (Adjustable)
    Float change voltage 118.2VDC, max change voltage 127.2 V DC.
    power factor : at nom mains & float change 0.83 lag or +- 10%
    Over voltage DC 149 VDC. Earth fault DC 10 mA.


    i’m looking for rectifier for plating
    with the following specification:
    3Phase AC 200V / 400V 50/60 Hz
    OutputVoltage: DC8V
    Output Current: 300A
    Cooling Method: Forced Air Cooling

  13. Goethals Erwin
    Goethals Erwin says:


    I’m looking for a simple DC source 30V/6000A.
    Simple design; on/off, 10100%, voltage/current indicator.
    No EMC or ripple requirements.
    Prefer a lightweight solution by switchmode.
    Source 3phase 50/60Hz

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